4 October 2015

this week

T H I S W E E K #1 ||

Happy October team! This is a bit of a different post but I hope you like it. I've decided to take a leaf out of my flattie's book [not literally, but figuratively] and started thinking [and sometimes writing down] what's made me smile over the week. A bit a-week-in-the-life-of slash a bit this-week's-favourites kind of vibe. If you're intrigued or love a good nosey like I do, then read on. Oh, and let me know if I should do it again.

top row. //

1. blooming great bargain. // I found these flowers in M&S on sale and not only have they bloomed into all sorts of gorgeous but they've lasted literally a week and a bit. I always think flowers cheer up a room so a great impulse buy!

2. ooh graze you, again. // I have decided to continue my Graze-athon and this week was filled with Olive & Rosemary Bruschetta [my favourite so pictured], Toffee Apple, Tuscan Pesto Kern Pops and Jaffa Cake Flapjacks. Savouries won this week [the kern pops were pretty good too] but sadly, I did not enjoy the flapjacks [not a flapjack fan anyway but thought I'd try to expand my horizons and all] and though tasty there wasn't enough dried apple.

3. #OnlineOrderProblems // I ordered some new wine glasses on Tesco Direct [because we have now broken them all] and decided to also buy these candles. The big jar was £5 and the little jars were £3.50 - relatively similar prices, one is the size of my head and the other two the size of my thumb. At least I've discovered a new scent I like, Tesco Apothecary eucalyptus and peppermint, the tiny candle I'm pointing to but maybe I'll order the larger size next time.

bottom row. //

1. how to deal with emotions 101. // I had a bit of a wobble at the start of the week and what else to best solve life wobbles with than a tub of Daim ice cream and a comfy sofa to snuggle into.

2. magic moon. // the start of this week saw a solar eclipse, which happened in the middle of the night and I was asleep. I should have paid attention really as apparently the UK won't see another eclipse until 2090. Woops. At least I got to see this beauty little moon-face early on Tuesday morning to perk up my commute.

3. birthday bash. // can't beat a gathering filled with delicious home-cooked food, great chat and smiling faces. Especially when it's to celebrate another fab year for Uncle B with close family and friends, and samosas and hot naga chilli sauce are involved!

what was your week filled with?


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