20 September 2015

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T R A V E L || a day in… Cassis

Can you tell yet that I can't get enough of the South of France? This is my third and final post on this gorgeous part of France and about a little day trip which for me was the perfect end to a great short break. On our last full day, Lara and I decided to head to the much-talked-about small port town of Cassis - famous for being a great starting point for visiting the famous calanques [by boat or hiking], a region that produces great wine [vineyards galore], cute backstreets and for boasting beautiful beaches. We were not disappointed - read on to spend a day [or about ten minutes] in Cassis with us.

The Marseille mini-break Trilogy || pt 1. port life & pt 2. eat marseille

mini port life. // with pretty paved streets

Cute, cute and more cute! On arrival in Cassis, we were met with the petite Port of Cassis - small but perfectly formed with its many fishing and leisure boats in the harbour and lined with adorable pastel coloured buildings [homes, restaurants & shops]. We then decided to walk around the backstreets immediately behind the port and found pretty paved streets, squares and good places to browse from boulangeries, to soap shops and wine tasting haunts. I loved how shiny and smooth the streets were.

finding treasures. // while exploring backstreets

As we walked around, we kept finding little shops selling all sorts - Cassis is definitely a great browsing and mooching town. It has lots of little places to eat and shop, yet doesn't seem overwhelming in the slightest. We found some really classic postcards, smelly soaps [this part of France is famous for its soaps], colourful handmade jewellery and amazing locally made perfumes [by L'Eau de Cassis].

Some of the shops were more obvious that others - most of the time we'd just be walking in amongst the residential streets and then out pops another cute little place, like this restaurant. It almost felt like the locals would know the best kept secrets of this small town. The other thing I couldn't get enough of was the beautiful Doors of Provence [yes, this should be a thing if it's not already] - I particularly loved this wooden double fronted door with its gold detail and framed by vines.

jungle homes. // navigating residential streets

The backstreets in Cassis are all pretty narrow and residents happily leave plants [/pots] either outside their front doors and windows or along the sides of their houses. I loved it - it was like navigating a little jungle, with one house even having a spear! You instantly get the vibe that everyone is open with their homes, friendly and super relaxed. 

yummy lunch. // at La Vieille Auberge

In case you missed it, I ate really well in Marseille. However, this lunch in Cassis is really high on my favourites list from the whole trip. I opted for the catch of the day again [this time, it was rock fish - mmmmm rock fish, it wasn't rock solid I promise] which was accompanied by a delicious tomato sauce, chips and seasonal veg. Really fresh and absolutely delicious. A great lunch* in a perfect setting with views of the harbour and the Château de Cassis. We were also recommended the local rosé so had a half bottle of Paternel and a little espresso before heading for some more exploring! 

* Lara had a bit of a tough time though as wasps seemed to love her lunch...

pebble beach time. // at Plage du Bestouan

After a yummy lunch, I was feeling explore-y but also a bit sleepy. What else to do but find the nearest beach so off we went to locate the famous Plage du Bestouan. The entrance to this place could easily be missed - amongst the residential streets, there is a little opening which goes down to the pebble and rock beach. Another picture perfect place where locals clearly go to hang out and catch a little sun. If you're not a sand-kinda-beach person then this is perfect for you - you have two choices, lie down on the pebbles or on the smooth mini-cliff rocks. Either way, you'll win. This is a great little beach, postcard views everywhere and good facilities [they have showers!].

sandy beach time. // at Plage La Grande Mer

At this point, we were both feeling very warm so grabbed a quick drink to cool us off. Then we headed over to the main beach in Cassis town - La Grande Mer - as I just couldn't get enough of the sea. It was our last day afternoon in the South of France and it might be a while until I can have some me&sea time again. It was so lovely, the water was warm and I just love going with the flow [yep, I went there]. Our little trip to Cassis really summed up a great trip and cemented why I love this part of France. 

Until next time!

hope you all have a great week ahead - go get it team!


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