2 August 2015

three years young

B L O G I V E R S A R Y #3 ||

My my my, is it really that time of the year again? Jingle Jungle blog has hit its third birthday and coincidentally I got to eat this beautiful tower of goodness today over at maison d'être coffee house - clearly the universe clocked that big things had to be celebrated today. Every year I'm amazed that I've managed to keep this up, and every year I'm humbled to have been able to capture some great moments from over the last year. Most of all, I feel super thankful for every single one of you that drops by - be it once or regularly - and especially to my family and friends who've had to endure me taking snaps of everything before they can eat / move / do anything. You're all amazing - and make writing this blog that much more fun knowing I can share something fun, something new or something random with you all. Here's to more adventuring!

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* big shout out to my extended family and friends around the world - Pip, Helena, Sam!

top fives. // by key themes


vary amin'anana - I've been getting my cook on more and starting to learn how to make dishes from both mum and grandpa this year; this particular recipe is really special to me, shared by mum and one I randomly decided to enter into a competition [but didn't win booo]. [Next favourites being grandpa's ginger chicken and coco curry]

that talented gail - I knew the bread would be good but Ashleigh and I were really impressed by the brunch at Gail's Kitchen; this particular dish [lemon curd, meringue, sage & olive oil] completely won me over - just pure deliciousness

a pedler afternoon - one of the best lunches I've had this year [I think +Diane agreed!] was at Pedler and I know this because I still dream about the golden beetroot salad and the sweet nectar that is the Early Bird cocktail [made of gin, marmalade & pink grapefruit]

platters of goodness - after years of it being on my list, I finally managed to get myself into Ottolenghi for a delicious bank holiday lunch with Ellie; and the cakes are just yum yum yippee

japeruvian - one of the best meals I've had this year was with a great group of pals at Chotto Matte, not only was the food great but I genuinely thought I was eating unicorn tears when I got to the dessert


the perfect blend - one of the best masterclasses I've been to and I learnt so much about one of my favourite drinks too, the wonderful and humble coffee, thanks to Marco Arrigo and the lovely Bar Termini team

palentine's weekend - it was my turn to host Palentine's this year and had such a great time celebrating love, laughter and life with some of my closest pals [over a lurve-themed feast and with matching nailswag, obviously]

paper proud - long live print!, especially when it's as beautifully made as some of these magazines and showcased in the most artistic way by the wonderful Papersmiths of Clifton [Bristol]

a dash of peru - a lovely little masterclass on Peruvian cooking, learnt how to make two quick, healthy and great dishes [cebiche and quinotto] and thoroughly spoilt by team Cactus Kitchens & Encona

oh sew on - rocking out on a Friday night after work, refreshing my sewing machine skills and having a blast making my first cushion covers with the budding sewing queen +Diane

sun in mud - WOMAD festival day two was the only sunshine day over the weekend, so had a great time watching one of the legends [Cheikh Lô], ate two lots of ice creams and danced around in the mud [also wrote up on day one and made a day three wish list]


that market life - showcasing the hugely varied and beautiful markets from last year's trip to Madagascar, selling anything and everything from fruit to hubcaps to mattresses - the real kinda hustle

oufff - celebrating my birthday in [my favourite] style by eating my way through Paris with +Diane; the chou were an absolute revelation and have now become a must-go-to destination for any future trips

getting lost in kl - loved reminiscing about my trip to Malaysia last year, with this post focusing on some of the hidden gems around Kuala Lumpur and brunch kl style is a little throwback to brunch in one of the city's famous wet markets [also were I fell head over heels for popiah]

cycle city - exploring and falling in love with the fine fine city of Copenhagen+Diane and I also ate our way through the city [københavn living] and agreed it is the foodie's dream, we haven't stopped raving about this place to anyone and everyone since

pause on the pangalan - tried to get my head back to a moment of stillness of when we stayed on a little island off the Pangalan canal in Madagascar; a welcome little break from the daily grind

What another great year, it's always fun looking back but THANK YOU all again for your support! 


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