16 August 2015

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L I F E & P L A C E S ||

When life hands you a smoothie, take it. Especially when it's a banana, milk and honey smoothie from maison d'être. It's been one of those weeks where I've been reminded that sometimes it's good to be good to you. Time out, have a smoothie, focus on the important things in life. Get [what my elders would refer to as] that much needed perspective. I've written about the importance of being zen a few times on the bloggy but this week it's been grounding to just appreciate the little things in life, be it a good chat on the phone with family, receiving a surprise bunch of yellow roses from a lovely pal or getting a home cooked [moutainous] delicious roast dinner. Life is good.

A place I recently discovered with pal and neighbour Janny is maison d'être - the name [in French] to me literally means the house of being which could also be translated into [a place to feel] at home - a coffee house in Islington which serves some absolutely delicious meals and drinks. We recently went for brunch to catch up and had one of the best menus I've tried yet - highly recommended!

where | maison d'être, 154 Canonbury Road, London N1 2UP

brunch. //

We had the [1] french toast with grilled banana, crispy pancetta & pure maple syrup, [2] portobello mushrooms & sage on thick cut sourdough with goat cheese drizzled with truffle oil & parmesan, [3] ricotta pancakes with an apple & blackberry compote with a vanilla mascarpone and to drink I had an iced latte [with the cutest straw].

the place. //

maison d'être isn't the biggest of coffee houses but it's a lovely little space filled with pastries, local jams, art, flowers and comfy benches to sit on [it's also an Instagrammer's dream]. Really well put together, the space feel open but homely - definitely a comforting little haven to relax and chill out in in a busy little place like London.

hope you've all had a delightful and chilled weekend.


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