26 April 2015

curvy clifton

P L A C E S || Clifton, Bristol

When most people think of Bristol, Clifton suspension bridge is usually one of the top attractions that come to mind. Yet just around the corner [if you do a little exploring] is the beautiful area called Royal York Crescent - a curved row of pastel coloured majestic buildings covered in romantic balconies. From here you get a great view of Bristol and it is a super photogenic spot. Do a little bit more exploring and you will find lots of hidden architectural gems. One of my favourites being a hidden dead-end curved road called The Pentagon where all of the doors are literally curved [read on to view pictures]. I managed to catch some snaps at sunset which just made the whole experience even more gorgeous. Really stunning architecture which if you're ever in the area make sure you explore so you can see it for yourself! 

Bristol is a relatively big city and yet Clifton feels like a proper little village on its edges - I'm sure one of its main pulling powers. You still feel like you are part of the main town but are also about five minutes from forest and countryside [the best of both worlds really]. There are your standard chains on the high-street [a Tesco, Co-op, Lloyds, Côte brasserie, etc.] but it's mainly made up of lots of cute independent shops which create that village feel. On my last visit, pops decided to take me to one of his favourite breakfast places called The Farm run by two sisters. I had the classic smoked salmon and scrambled eggs which was yummy [a big portion]. The coffee was great too. Very chilled and great for a lazy sunday.

hope you've all had a super weekend!


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