1 March 2015

no Qs

L I F E ||

No queues, not No questions. I love questions. I hate queues. That's what I realised this week when I took a couple of days off work. Lack of planning meant I had London town [nearly] all to myself to explore. If I'm honest, not working on a weekday and not travelling anywhere does feel a little bit weird but there's a huge perk I always forget about - most people are at work which means most normally-hectic-slash-popular places in this fine city are chill. So, on a culture and food adventure I went…

day-off gear.
shirt +Gap ]
jumper & leather waistcoat +Topshop ]
shorts [ WOMAD festival, handmade from Bali ]
trainers +adidas ]

photos by +Adrian Burton ]

first stop. Wildlife Photographer of the Year at +Natural History Museum 

Ever since I was introduced to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition a few years ago, I've been going back to the NHM every year to check it out and 2015 marks its 50th birthday! These photos are not going to do the exhibition any justice so don't base going on my photos of the postcards from the gift shop [that's right, I had to revert to the gift shop because of the no-photos-allowed rule - photos-of-a-photo should really be a thing though, just saying.] Anyway, irrelevant of how you feel about animals and the environment [both of which I have a strong penchant for] you will be in awe at the skill of the photographers showing at this exhibition. There are adult categories [made up from a mix of professional and amateur photographers] but also categories for Under-10, 11-15 and Under 18. These kids are super talented [an 8 year old won the whole kids category] and all I can say is the adults need to watch their backs. Amongst the beautiful photographs there is also an underlying educational message [more obvious on the journalistic assignments] about our relationship with the natural world - how we interact, affect and relate to nature. Every year, I leave energised [to take more photographs], in awe [of how powerful nature is] and inspired [to understand and find ways for us to live more harmoniously with our surroundings]. Whether you like wildlife or not, I would highly recommend this exhibition. At the very least, you'll get to hang out with Dippy the dino in a spectacular setting.

second stop. brunch at The Breakfast Club

Then obviously I couldn't go all mini-holiday without an epic feast of some sort and what way to best do this than over brunch. Brunch - the non-required excuse to overeat savoury and sweet in one sitting. I met up with brunch-bro Adrian and we decided to go to The Breakfast Club [Hoxton edt.]. If you know, you know. If not, then to put this into context The Breakfast Club [whichever branch you try to get into] will always have a massive queue on the weekends and holidays. Don't get me wrong, the queuing is normally worth it because the food is deeelicious. However, I don't always feel like waiting 45mins+ when I'm HUNGRY [my inner fattybombom isn't very patient on an empty stomach]. Lucky for us, on a weekday we only had a 5 minute wait and by the time we'd finished the place was pretty much empty [unheard of]. I really like The Breakfast Club, it has a very relaxed vibe and the food is always on point so think I definitely ended my mini-holiday on a high. Well played again to the big smoke!

what we ate.
breakfast club club sandwich [add a side of skin on chips]
avocado and poached egg with fresh chillies and lime [add the chorizo]
pancakes and berries with maple syrup and vanilla cream

what we drank.
the big breakfast smoothie [strawberry, banana, oats, honey, yoghurt and milk]
green is good smoothie [spinach, mint, mango, apple]

hope you all had a great weekend, happy 1st of March!


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