25 March 2015

dotty for pineapples

N A I L A R T ||

I was naughty this month. I bought some maracas. That's a lie. I didn't. I bought some completely frivolous pens [yes, that's a pen party you're seeing right there] from Tiger with PINEAPPLES on the ends. YEY it's a pineapple partay, all day, every day. Now back to this post, I was actually naughty because I bought two new OPI polishes this month. I rarely buy them because they're quite pricey so feel like a bit of a special occasion item rather than a regular polish purchase. Recently, OPI have released their new Hawaii range which I just love. When I saw Pineapples Have Peelings Too I just had to get it and then out the corner of my eye spotted a gem from the classics range Not So Bora-bora-ing Pink - both delicious colours and I just went dotty mad. Read on to see what I created.

step-by-step || if you feel like giving it a try too

step one. apply your base 
[ not so bora bora ing pink by +OPI Products ]

step two. add your green dots in a random fashion 
[ my dogsled is a hybrid by +OPI Products ]

step three. fill in the gaps with more dots but in sunshine yellow 
[ pineapples have peelings too by +OPI Products ]

And, voila!

Sooooo Simple.

Oh, and watch this video from OPI of the Hawaii collection because it's super luscious.


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