8 February 2015

hello kimono

M Y S T Y L E ||

I haven't added anything new and fun to my wardrobe in some time, so it's been a while since I've done a proper outfit post. Luckily, January sales meant I did decide to splash out a whole twenty squids on one statement piece - this amazing kimono-esque jacket from +River Island.

If I'm honest, I wasn't sure about the whole kimono trend when it first came out. This might be because I struggled to work out how I would style it with my everyday get up - the whole 30 seconds of thinking just left me puzzled and thinking I might just stick to wearing the one I already had as a special occasion dressing gown [yes, preparing to sleep in my opinion can be a special occasion]. In all seriousness, the traditional Japanese kimono is a beautiful garment and when mum gifted me mine after a trip to Japan I was pretty chuffed. She even got me the matching traditional footwear! Both pieces are stunning, but sadly I've never had a special Japanese event to attend [here's to hoping one-day] so this gem has stayed tightly guarded in the depths of my wardrobe.

Fast forward a good few years and kimonos are suddenly on-trend and all over the high-street. Though times have evolved, I still don't think I can casually rock my real kimono around London-town [sorry mummy]. However, what you can find o the high-street is far from the traditional gear. The modern twist has meant fashion-kimonos seem much more wearable and for the everyday. There is now a wide variety available - from fringed to beaded, lace to velvet, and greys to brights - to suit all sorts of styles. I've been keeping my eye out for about a year now [real talk] and in the January sales finally saw one that just screamed "me me me!". So, here it is in all its glory - it's quite a dominant but extremely fun print, monochrome with the right pop of colour, and the beads give the jacket a nice weight and sparkly finish. I love it. Now I just need more occasions to wear it… :-)

P.S. excuse my awkward i-don't-know-what-to-do posing, it's been a while.

kimono / jacket [ +River Island ]
shirt [ +Urban Outfitters ] 
shorts [ Zara ]
boots [ +River Island ] 

photo creds to Emilia.

hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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