26 July 2014

brass mania

E V E N T || WOMAD festival, day one

Hello team. It's that time of the year again - WOMAD tiiime, my favourite. Life has been a little hectic the last few months so it's nice to step out for a little bit and immerse myself in my favourite activity - listening to, discovering new and dancing to the music. I'll be documenting each day again similar to last year giving you all many outfit, food and music reviews so I hope you enjoy. If you're here too, come say heyyy. I've been joined again by the lovely Ellie and you can find us eating liquorice, taking snaps or dancing at the front of the audience. It's been a great first day and I'm really looking forward to the next couple!

top [+H&M]
shorts [Ghanaian stall @ WOMAD 2013]
trainers [+Converse]

T H E F O O D ||

I am a massive grazer when it comes to eating and there are a few regulars I usually stop by during WOMAD. 1] Saint Valentine's liquorice stall - oh man, I do looove me some liquorice. 2] Yam The Cassava - delicious island food which puts a massive smile on my face, this time I had the Red Fish Platter, nom. To top it all off, we managed to introduce some Pimms into the mix - though no frozen margaritas this year [gutted].

T H E M U S I C || brass mania

Monsieur DoumaniCyprus
"Melodic, meaningful and modern take on Cypriot folk roots"
Cathia: We only caught the last few songs of this trio and they were fun to watch. Lots of energy and upbeat sounds, had me dancing away.
Ellie: This trio had great chemistry which resulted in a really cool vibe. It was apparent that they really enjoy what they play which was felt throughout the audience.

The Good Ones, Rwanda
"Delightful acoustic trio born out of horror"
Cathia: Chilled African beats with beautiful singing by a lovely group. They built a strong rapport with the audience and were a treat to watch. Loved the shoe-percussion too!
Ellie: The festival first timers were a highlight of my day - one of them played the shoes with a broken foot. Just cray cray.

Coetus, Spain
"Fourteen strong percussion orchestra"
Cathia: I had this down as potential mish-mash given the size of the band but was proven massively wrong. They were tight, extremely energetic and super fun to watch - I was really impressed. Definitely my surprise favourite of the day.
Ellie: Familiar sounds and instruments blended with the more unexpected [terracotta pots]. I thoroughly enjoyed this set.

Manu Dibango, Cameroon/France
"The hard blowing funk soul brother number one"
Cathia: Being an ex-saxophonist and keen funk & soul listener, Manu Dibango has some of my regularly go-to tracks. It was great to finally see him live - it was very chilled but I still got to have a good groove. The only downside was I didn't get to hear one of my favourites [Soul Makossa].
Ellie: I really got my groove on for Manu and his leading lady backing singer. Manu's proof that you can still be awesome in your 80s.

Trombone Shorty, USA
"Brassband heat meets rock and funk"
Cathia: This hadn't been in my schedule but after seen the buzz of the audience we just had to get on the New Orleans party bus. Was so much fun to dance to and the vibe was electric - a great way to end day one of Womad 2014. What a beautiful man too.
Ellie: At first, I was a little worried that he was just going to be very American but this was my favourite performance of the day. Gorgeous man, Greenday cover, happy Ellie.

Bring on Saturday!


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