25 June 2014

good morning kuching

D I S H Y #10 || "Goood morning from Kuching!"

Oh how I wish I'd had this beautiful bowl of delicious goodness this week. Sadly, this is a throwback. Way back to January when I was on my first ever trip to Asia, ending up in Sarawak [Borneo] to be precise. A lovely family friend took me in for a few days and introduced to me to some not only amazing places but also some of the tastiest food I've had yet. I've always been a big fan of Asian flavours but this particular dish blew my mind. Believe it or not, this was my breakfast. That's right, my BREAKFAST. Jun-Lin's favourite dish: the Laksa Sarawak. A breakfast of champions, if I might add. There are many different types of Laksa; this was a lovely coconut broth with a tangy twist, with noodles, chicken, prawns, omelette, calamansi, sambal, fresh coriander and many more tasty ingredients swimming around all happy. It should have been called HAPPY NOODLES [copyrighting that]. Basically, it was super delicious and I would have it every morning if I could. This has also made me realise that I should really get on and write about my little Malaysia adventure. Six months later, bear with me...


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