11 June 2014

bento win

D I S H Y #8 ||

NEWS FLASH! Dotori is back people, it's BACK. Can you tell how excited I am?! If you're a North Londoner [or know me], you will know. If not, then unlucky. This place is in my list of top restaurants in London [big call, I know]. Nothing fancy here, just delicious food at great prices in two of my favourite styles: Japanese & Korean. Is this a bento box? Who knows. This particular winning dish is made up of [from top left quadrant] pan fried dumplings, salad, sticky black sesame rice and teriyaki chicken [NOM]. I'm not going to tell you where this magical place is, you will have to go on a hunt [Google's a good bet]. When you finally find it, your efforts will be repaid handsomely. The restaurant has also recently gone through some renovation but midway had to reopen because people started to leave voicemail complaints about it taking too long. "Where's my chicken teriyaki?!" I hear them cry. It's THAT good people, trust me.


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