30 May 2014

three stripes

N A I L E X P E R I M E N T S ||

If you're a kicks fanatic like me, you will know that three stripes refers to the iconic Adidas brand. I'm not particularly brand-biased when it comes to trainers. Ultimately, it's whatever catches my eye, feels comfortable and doesn't cost a fortune [though if I did have a fortune, I would definitely start that dream collection, ha]. However, there are three classics I'm regularly drawn to: Vans, Puma & Adidas. They tend to create clean cut, good colour mix and comfy kicks. So when I was at London Designer Outlet with +Diane last weekend and saw these +adidas City Marathon trainers in Legend Ink & Ray Yellow, I fell mad over heels. Then when I saw the bargain discount [-52%], there was no going back. Then, I found this skirt in +H&M and an instant outfit was born in one afternoon. Theme: black, white & yellow. Power colours if you ask me. Best purchase this year so far. I have fallen so hard for my new kicks that this week's nails have been inspired by the +adidas three stripes.

Happy Friday!

Read on to find out how I did this week's nails…

Step-by-Step || if you feel like having a go too

1. apply your base background [ocean blue by +Maybelline UK Colour Show]

2. add a single thick yellow stripe down the middle of each nail [electric yellow by +Maybelline UK]
3. you may need to do a double coat of the yellow given the dark background [as above]
4. add a single thinner white stripe down the middle of each nail [matt white by Barry M]

And, voilĂ !

So simple right?

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