26 May 2014

print africa

S T Y L E || african print waistcoat

As soon as I saw this little print number at The African Market at Old Spitalfields Market, I was hooked. The pattern [big leaves] and the colours [blue and orange] are fantastic. Then, what really sold me was how versatile one piece of cloth was - ultimately it's a waistcoat but it can be tied up and styled in lots of different ways. These are just the two basic options [open and closed] but I'm sure you get the idea. As the print is so distinct and I wanted to show the waistcoat off properly, I tried to wear something simple underneath so as not to distract too much. I'm looking forward to experimenting more with this one though for sure.

blue & orange print waistcoat [the african market]
vest [uniqlo]
trousers [zara]
espadrilles [sole]
coat & sunglasses [topshop]
rings & bracelets [accessorize]

Hope you all had a great long weekend!

[ Diane's cute outfit ]

W H E R E || Wembley, London

I had never heard of the London Designer Outlet until a couple of weeks ago. I also [naively] didn't really know what an outlet is. After Diane's explanation and as soon as I realised all prices had been discounted in every shop, I decided that outlets are a magical place of bargains. For this little trip, we knew what were looking for but didn't mind browsing either. I ended up with a couple of skirts from H&M and some trainers from Adidas for super bargain prices [one of the skirts was £2]! Woop.

F O O D || Ping Pong

We got a little peckish mid bargain hunting so stopped in Ping Pong for an hour or so. I had some steamed & fried veg / prawn dumplings and vegetable sticky rice. Diane had a wonton soup, sticky chicken rice and some broccoli. I think we both agree that Ping Pong is generally OK but not amazing. Some of the dishes are a little bland while others are quite tasty. A good stopover for a quick bite to eat nonetheless.


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