21 May 2014

beagle's aubergine

D I S H Y #5 ||

No, this isn't an aubergine that belongs to a specific breed of dog. It's actually a grilled aubergine that belonged to me a few weeks ago under Hoxton station. That also sounds weird but I promise it isn't. In a pretty unexpected space [literally under the railway, left out of Hoxton overground station] is the restaurant Beagle London. After an afternoon of flower exploring and shopping [like Emilia and I did here], this seemed as good a place as any to have some lunch. You'd think it would be super noisy, cramped and maybe even a bit dark but it's actually the opposite. The interior design and high ceilings make it feel like you're in a light, airy penthouse restaurant in NYC or something. It's also conveniently placed for rolling back home after getting full up on a delicious meal. This week's dishy therefore goes out to Beagle's grilled aubergine with a chickpea salsa and crème fraîche (v). For anyone who's not sure whether London does vegetarian food well, this is proof number one. Their brunch menu looked pretty delicious too and the word on the street is they make a mean bloody mary too, enjoy!


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