21 April 2014

sugar please

the tartan desert boots ||

I've had my eye on desert boots for a while and when the chance (i.e. the Christmas sales) came I managed to get myself a pair at a bargain price from Clarks. Instead of the classic brown, I went for something a little left field: the tartan originals. Growing up in London, Camden used to be one of my favourite places to explore as a teen and I think the British-punk vibe from the time is still very much a part of me. So when tartan appears, I feel a little rebellious and end up buying non-classic boots. It was more difficult than I thought to style them - in the end, I opted for a red dress and leather studded jacket [both presents from family] and John's umbrella added a little something something. It was a very cosy outfit for such a rainy day and the boots were so comfortable to run around in. The best purchase.

boots [Clarks]
dress & leather jacket [presents from family]
umbrella [my friend John's]
scarf [Uniqlo x Lulu Guinness]

More Clarks Desert Boots here - have a major crush on the lilac pair too.

jackson + rye ||

Not sure if I mentioned before but Diane gave up sugar for lent this year [it's in everything so this is a big achievement, believe me]. To mark the end of her sugar-less 40 days, she decided she wanted pancakes to celebrate. We ended up at Jackson + Rye - famed for their brunches and specifically pancakes. So, we ordered a batch of buttermilk pancakes, some cobbler, a beets & kale salad and mac n cheese. We sort of ate everything backwards [pancakes first as it was on the brunch menu, then ate early dinner]. It reminded Diane of school [apparently that was her rebellious activity back then] and had me a little confused but it didn't matter because it was all very tasty.

the birthday girl ||

Despite it being over a week since Diane's actual birthday, this was the first chance that I could give her her birthday present along with some new Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail varnish I got from work. I ended up buying her some cute coral sunnies from Warehouse as I thought they would come in handy over the summer. They looked very cute on and am glad I got the colour right [she was wearing the exact same shade top by chance yesterday!].

Hope you've all had a delightful Chocolate Weekend!


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