11 April 2014

lookie here

I watched a Bond movie, this is what followed. Despite all the amazing guesses I've had this week [including Gold Finger, Egyptian Ghost, Snazzy Ghost, etc.] this week's nailspiration is actually a result of watching Golden Eye. Gold background and some eyes. I could have just put one eye on each but I didn't want cyclopes on my fingers during a working week - but various pairs of eyes, I'm OK with.

varnish || metal rush & black cab by +rimmellondon, snow by Nails Inc

While I'm on nails, here are a few recently-released ranges which I have both my real and nail eyes on:

Nails Inc Floral | daisy lane floral, richmond gardens floral & floral street mews

Urban Outfitters W.I.P | beaded in mint, splash, orchid, voodoo, halo & seashells

Revlon Parfumerie | [my favourites are] moonlit woods, spun sugar & ginger melon [but below are good too!]

[1] The Nails Inc Floral range just suits my current spring-y mood and I like that it's super sparkly but with proper detail. [2] I'm ashamed to admit I didn't even know Urban Outfitters made nail varnish [yes, I've been hiding in a cave] but what a great discovery - the colours look more on the edgy-side of classic shades but will need to test out. [3] Gimmicky or not, there's something about scented nail varnish that intrigues me. Maybe it reminds me of my teenage years when I invested in scented pens [you know what I'm talking about, you were there] but this just sounds like fun. Who wouldn't want a standout colour accompanied by standout lovely smelling nails?

Have you tried any of these new ranges? What's your verdict? Would love to know before I explore.


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