27 April 2014

bunny love

N A I L A R T E X P E R I M E N T S ||

I feel like I haven't had a favourite nail art experiment of 2014 yet. This week's nails may just be about to change that. Say hello to my bunny nails, version #2! I tried this out for the first time last year when I went to the Jugged Hare with London Larder blog [these were relatively successful brown bunnies] but I think attempt two may have just beaten last year's creation. I love them and hope you do too!

nail art pen by Barry M || I'm really sceptical about using nail art tools for my designs. I just don't believe in going crazy and investing in all sorts of tools when the brush itself can achieve so many fun designs on its own. I also found the only nail art pens I've ever used quite frustrating for quality and ease of use [I tried them here]. However, I'm really glad I picked up the Barry M nail art pen in black on a whim because I think it's amazing - super easy to use, great for precise details and the finish is excellent [hopefully you agree]. Would 100% recommend.

Happy Sunday Bloggy-bunnies!


Step-by-Step || if you feel like having a go too

1. apply your base background [berry ice cream by Barry M]
2. draw a half-moon for your bunny's face at the top of the nail [matt white by Barry M]
3. draw lines into the half moon for the ears [matt white by Barry M]
4. Go over the half-moons [handy if your ears went over a bit]

5. add in your glittery pink ears [mediterranean by Barry M Aquarium Collection]
6. add your bunnies' noses [peach melba by Barry M]
7. add the colour of your bunnies' eyes [blue moon by Barry M]

 8. add on your whiskers and dot your eyes [nail art pen in black by Barry M]

And, voilà!

Final step: make your bunnies eat chocolate cake and drink a latte!

where || Café Vintage

If you want to find some good homemade cake to feed your newly made furry-friends, then a new place I've discovered is the cute Café Vintage in Finsbury Park. It's a great place to eat, grab a coffee or tea and shop for vintage clothes all in one go. Enjoy!

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