23 March 2014

fluo flower power

collaboration | h&m x versace

Oh how I love a good high street collaboration. This one's actually a bit of a throwback collaboration, when H&M decided to team up with the good people at Versace. At the time, my dedicated and fashion-obsessed friend Lara had decided to queue up at ridiculous-o'clock to get her hands on some of the pieces. She then kindly offered to pick up a couple of things for me too [I'm so spoilt]. She managed to get me these amazing pair of fluo floral leggings. They are pretty loud and to be honest I was waiting for the right occasion to feel brave enough to take them out for a proper spin. Today seemed like as good a day as any. Call this my H&M spring look, thanks to my flamboyant Versace flora covered legs.

top [zara]
jumper & rings, right-hand [h&m]
leggings [h&m x versace]
trainers [nike]
sunglasses [rayban]
silver ring, left-hand [saharan arts]

Also, this jumper. I have seen it everywhere for the last six months and I have wanted it and the time has finally come for me to own my very own one. It is super soft, cosy as and makes me feel huggable like a bear. There seems to be all sorts of colours available now, including some really cute ones in this spring's pastel shades, but I opted for my go-to black because I want to wear it with E V E R Y T H I N G please.

Jewellery has been minimal these last few months but when I do wear, my go-tos are usually rings. These three gems [again, thank you H&M] are in my go-to colours and look great worn together for both a casual or dressed up look. Can't go anywhere without them at the moment.

location | Gitane London

I wanted to take Diane to the Riding House Cafe near Oxford Circus for a coffee but we were turned away [always remember to book ahead for this place, it's worth it]. So, we decided to just go to wherever had a spare table nearby and ended up in Gitane. A new small cafĂ© based on modern middle eastern and persian cuisine. Diane had salmon with rice and salad and I had a spicy pepper pasta salad and cherry tart for dessert. The food was good, my salad definitely had a kick I won't forget, and staff were friendly. More chilled than buzzy and had cute details inside. I thought their sugar bowls were so adorable.

Post-food, I left Diane with my camera for a little bit and she ended up getting arty. When I came back to the table she said "I took some photos of some empty plates" nonchalantly. Not sure what I was expecting but think they turned out pretty well, especially given she was only taking pictures of empty plates... [the above two photos are hers]

There were subtle but perfect touches in Gitane, including a little Easter / Spring corner with blooming flowers, cute chocolate mini eggs and other tasty treats. There was also an area dedicated to their speciality teas and the kitchen was hidden behind a beautifully decorated door at the back of the restaurant. They also have a loyalty card so if you like what they offer, get involved.

nails | silver bullet & black cab (+rimmellondon) and red (colour show, +Maybelline UK)

I haven't been on-form nail art wise in recent weeks and am genuinely ashamed of showing you all the plain and cracked nail work that accompanied me out today. I was so embarrassed that I decided I had to do something about it [finally]. I was just playing around and without even thinking, I ended up with a half flower monochrome motif which would have gone perfectly with my outfit today. Oh well, at least the rest of the week's outfits will get to enjoy this design. Hope you like them too!


london | photos [of me & tables] by +Diane Talabi

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