15 January 2014

live fresh

First off, Happy New Year to all of you lovely people!

Gosh, 2014 already. I was very lucky to have whisked it in whilst on m-adventure but more on that soon… I have a really good feeling about this year though so am excited to kick it off with a post full of vegetables and personal aims for the coming year. 

January is always a funny month. Most [me included] get a sudden urge to start a-fresh, start something new or make a positive change in their every day lives. I generally don't like the word resolution - mainly because it makes me think of lists; lists that might mean I get to the end of a year and find I haven't ticked off any of my resolutions off, ha [meaning the art of "managing <my own> expectations"]. So, instead I try to decide on one mini personal challenge so that I can experience something new, adopt a slight lifestyle change or learn a new skill. 

the challenge | every year it's different [and hopefully achievable]. It is only one challenge after all... Last year, I wanted to try at least thirty different exotic fruits [this excludes your bog-standard bananas and apples]. By the 31st December, I had achieved a pathetic total of ten, meaning I failed. To redeem myself, and also inspired by a recent trip to Madagascar where I ate fresh food everyday, I want to expand last year's challenge to: live fresh. It won't be possible all of the time [YEY for "cheat days"] but I'm aiming to eat fresh, drink fresh and exercise fresh (outside) as much as I can this year. OK, it's really three goals in "one"… eeep.

With the Challenge Accepted, first stop this weekend was Marylebone Farmers Market to grab fresh food in preparation for the week ahead. Diane and I aimed for the end of the market in order to get the best deals but were so late that most of the stalls had packed up [woops]. As a result, I ended up panic-buying the goods of the remaining stalls… which turned out to not be that bad as I still managed to get a wide variety of delicious goods. Will do better with that next time though… Clearly jet lag has made my brain mushy and super slow =)

in my basket | leeks, chinese leaves, beetroot, watercress, squash, onions, eggs and homemade asian chicken broth

Post the mini market-sweep, Diane and I decided we needed food and warmth so opted for the nearby Coco Momo for coffee and lunch. She went for toast plus a yoghurt berry granola combo [healthy healthy] and I opted for a goats cheese, tomato and caramelised onion toasted sandwich [naughty], all pretty tasty.

Overall, I think it was a good start to my 2014 challenge. Once I'm back in the groove properly, live fresh should hopefully be going strong. If not, please feel free to poke and pressurise me, or even better - join me! If you do decide to try and live fresh with me this year, let me know how you get on and please share if you find any great markets or places for me to take advantage of.

As much as I miss adventuring, it's good to be back in London-town. Much aided by my girlies and their warm welcome back =)

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