4 November 2013

tribal prints

Location | Brixton Village

It's been a while since Emilia and I have been on an adventure. Where to go next? Brixton Village is one of those places we'd both heard so much about from various friends but had never actually ventured out too. Usually, it would come up in conversations because of Honest Burger. Either way, this must be a pretty good indication that if all else failed Emilia and I would at least be in the company of some good food. So, off we went, not really sure what to expect but excited all the same.

me | punk tartan-print dress (present from mum), leather waistcoat & brown leather boots (+Topshop)
emilia | flower-print dress, scarf, leather jacket, brown leather bag

Following trusty directions through Brixton Station Road Market and Pope's Road Market, we finally found the blue door - the only hint that existed for Brixton Village on our little route. As soon as we entered, we were hit by lots of colour and the smell of delicious food. The place is like a mini labyrinth of independent stalls, pop up restaurants and corner shops. We investigated shops selling anything from printed cloths, clothes, african print dresses, jewellery, vintage clothes to gifting bits and bobs. Everyone was very chatty and welcoming, making the atmosphere very relaxed.

After all the browsing, we decided to have a little sit down and snack on something. At this point, we realised that it was pelting down with rain outside and were very glad we had chosen a covered market to explore! We ended up having a couple of cheesy, tasty platters from Champagne + Fromage followed by yummy coffee from Federation Coffee. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon, a really chilled out explore and now a new part of town both Emilia and I are sure we'll visit again. Be warned though, the food options are all really good so try to pre-book if you can (we sure will) or at least be prepared for a little wait; either way, I'm sure it will be worth it judging by the delicious smells and happy faces. Happy exploring!

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