20 October 2013

work it

Location | Workshop Coffee, 27 Clerkenwell Road, EC1M 5RN

Spotlight time: my beloved coffee. Where would I be without it. This is a massively delayed post but I am really excited to show and tell this place with you all. Before exploring [the concrete jungle], Adrian  decided to show me Workshop Coffee [aka home to my favourite barista yet]. Well known by office workers in the area - I was told it was a common stop-off before the office in the mornings - we decided to test out Workshop Coffee not just for the java but for their food offering too.

On arrival, we were greeted by a chirpy host and were added onto a waiting list. Ten minutes later, we were promptly shown to our table, up on the first floor. One of my favourite things about the set-up is how the barista island is literally the heart of the restaurant - as you walk in, right there in the middle of the room and the coffee just smells amazing. Not only is this practical, for those grabbing their java-to-go, but for me it reiterates how serious the team are about their coffee-making. Once sat down, I immediately ordered a latte and Adrian a cappuccino, and then we turned to the menu. The brunch menu is perfectly formed, offering your classic eggs, muesli and french toast. However, it also branches out to some more creative dishes like the smoked fish kedgeree and corn fritters.

what we ate | Adrian: rare breed hamburger brioche, comté, chipotle mayonnaise, fried ratte potatoes | me: smoked salmon, avocado, seaweed w/ watercress, ginger, wasabi aioli, sesame seeds & corn frittettes

If the pictures haven't made you salivate yet then let me just spell it out: the food was... SO GOOD. Seriously, seriously good. I am a big fan of salmon but this was next level salmon. When I saw the menu, my first thought was "oooh deconstructed sushi" (I clearly watch too much Masterchef). But to be fair, when it arrived it pretty much looked like all the california-roll elements laid out beautifully and it was so yummy. Super indulgent but still light and fresh. Adrian's burger looked really good too. Our dishes looked so good that even our table neighbours ended up asking us what we ordered and then proceeded to have the exact the same meal. If that's not a sign for enviable great food, I don't know what is.

I felt really at home in Workshop Coffee. The atmosphere is chilled yet special and this may come across all gushy but I genuinely love this place. It makes me want to move north-wards just so that I can become a regular, even if it's just for a quick cup of java. If you are ever in the area and fancy a bite I would encourage you to go in and say hi to the team. Tables can be booked during the week but weekends are free for all (we headed over early afternoon on a Sunday); and if Clerkenwell isn't good for you then they also have a coffee bar in Marylebone. Enjoy!

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