19 August 2013

cutie koala

My new koala bag, super soft, handmade and straight off the plane from Australia thanks to +Diane is just too cute ^.^ My inner-kid was just too excited to take cutie koala out and about. As CK is grey, I decided to pair him up with my newly favourite crazy face jumper from Forever 21. Cute + Crazy = Fun, right? Seemed to make a whole lot of sense in my head. Either way, this was one of the most comfortable outfits I've worn in a while and was perfect for a day filled with yummy brunch, exploring Canary Wharf and lazing about on a lovely Sunday afternoon with friends over good food and drinks.

wearing | monster face jumper (+Forever 21), black leggings (Zara basics), white spotty shirt (Gap), cutie koala bag (Australia), smiley stackable rings (+Accessorize), wooden bracelets (+H&M)

photos by +Asad Dhunna

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