25 July 2013

representing africa

It is nearly Womad festival time - 2 days and counting - and I am getting really excited! This week's nailspiration started off as wanting to draw "the world" in homage to world music, dance and culture. After a relatively long (and unnecessary) internal debate, I decided that only my thumbs would fit a continent slash I would get bored trying focus on to getting perfect continents onto the rest of my fingers - and here is the result. I decided to go with the African continent on both thumbs (purely based on the fact that it is my home continent) but I love music from all over the world so I promise that will by no means be biased what I listen to over the coming weekend!

I'm also going to try out a different and fun outfit post as part of my coverage of the long weekend at Womad so watch this space :)

nails | base: blue moon & dots/Africa: emerald green (both Barry M)

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