28 July 2013

give me sunshine

WOMAD festival, day two

Ellie arrived today! Day two at WOMAD was really fun (rain or shine). Though we ended up missing headliners Arrested Development due to being completely cold and wet, Saturday overall offered a really good line up - Ellie and I danced away through every act and had a great time. Such a shame the rains descended but luckily the rest of the day was so good that this didn't dampen our mood!

This year, I've decided to take the traditional Malagasy cloth called a lambaoany and wear it in three different ways across the Womad weekend. Yesterday's style was as a topSaturday's style is: as a dress. I think this style means you get to see most of the pattern and print on the full lambaoany and is actually my personal favourite way of wearing it. In warm weather, it's light yet practical :) Again, paired with my festival favourites: run around trainers (later swapped for wellies!) and mfloral headband.

wearing | lambaoany as a dress (present from Madagascar), black cut-out leggings (present from mum), yellow +Converse trainers, belt (+Topshop)

photos above by Ellie and below by me unless otherwise stated

THE MUSIC: what we watched & what we thought

1 - 2pm, Open Air stage: Flavia Coelho (Brazil), "where samba-reggae meets ragga"
Cathia thought: Saturday's line up definitely started with high energy thanks to Flavia Coelho "Brazilian born, African blood". Flavia is a feisty singer as well as a great ragga MC and definitely got me in the mood for dancing.
Ellie thought: "Larger than life" stage personality - her performance was really engaging but she seemed a bit of a nutter!

3 - 4pm, Open Air stage: Dizu Plaatjies and Ibuyambo Ensemble (South Africa), "South Africa's musical guardian supreme"
Cathia thought: Probably one of my favourite performances this festival - led by a charismatic leader, this group felt like such a treat to watch. Again high levels of energy, incredibly humble and fantastic musicians taking the audience on a journey through the traditional musical heartland of Africa and their native South Africa. I can't wait to see these guys again!
Ellie thought: This group really blended traditional African instruments and music styles with a modern flair for entertainment. The mix of dance, song and instrumental meant I didn't have a second to get bored and wanted more up to the very end.

From 4pm, it started to rain heavily so no photos :(

5 - 6pm, Open Air stage: Osibisa (Ghana/Antigua/Jamaica/USA), "reconvened veterans of vintage sunshine grooves"
Cathia thought: At this point rain had descended onto Womad but Osibisa led us through the downpour with positive messages and sounds. Umbrella overhead, I was dancing from the moment they began playing to the very end. Despite the rain, I definitely felt like I had been transported to a sunny state.
Ellie thought: My favourites were the soulful uplifting anthems.

7 - 8.15pm, Open Air stage: Rokia Traoré (Mali), "Africa's most soulful and sensitive singer-songwriter"
Cathia thought: Rokia already sits amongst my favourite African artists list before this performance and she didn't disappoint - her voice was beautiful as always and the grooves kept the rained-on crowd going.
Ellie thought: Beautiful and mellow with a little CA-CAW!

8.15 - 9.30pm, Siam stage: Babylon Circus (France), "French ska that goes more than one step beyond"
Cathia thought: What a FUN band! This group reminded me of how much I actually love ska and don't listen to it enough these days. This is proper party and dancing music.
Ellie thought: With a circus theme that sat just on the right side of kitsch and seriously catchy tunes that made a great opportunity to jump about to dry off / warm up after a thoroughly wet afternoon.

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