10 March 2013

fun in the sun

It's funny how the sun makes everyone so happy and relaxed, particularly now that the clouds (with their lovely rain) and the nippy weather have decided to pay us another visit. Today is 3°C (it's meant to be spring!!) and all the fun in the sun last weekend seems like years ago already. Anyway, I am hoping reminiscing will entice the sun to come back... :)

After a failed attempt to go to the Barbican Rain Room last weekend - when we discovered our waiting time would be approx. 8 hours - we decided to compensate ourselves with this tasty sunny breakfast at L'Eto and a browse through the shelves of HMV for excellent bargains. Sunday was then filled with my first time at Columbia Flower Market with two of my lovely ladies, warm chocolate-melting cookies, bakewell tarts, fluorescent birds, sunshine, pansies, roses, lilies, tigers on the balcony, tempura prawns, tea cup candles, sushi-yey-sushi, teriyaki chicken, flower arranging and Reese's peanut butter cups. All in all, a pretty fantastic weekend - such a shame it all flew by so quickly!

wearing | "Jamie" blue skinny jeans, grey tailed coat (Topshop), black leopard print creepers (Office London), fluffy grey scarf (Accessorize), cat-eye sunnies (Camden Market stall)

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