15 January 2013

on a natural hunt

Every time I see anyone wearing nude nail varnish, I always think it looks really smart. A classic that I think will work through all the seasons and also great as a go-to colour for everyday at the office. Problem is every time I try on a nude colour nail varnish, my nails look like they are not well (weird, I know but they just look like they are having an awful day - very pale). With my colour complexion, the majority of the colours don't seem to work as well as advertised. Maybe I'm trying the wrong colours... but then I had an idea, what if I chose a colour that was not too bright but would still blend well with my skin tone? This is the result - a little hue of peach, a cute colour for everyday thanks to Barry M peach melba. Other colours that I think would also work well are browns (similar to Barry M mushroom from my earlier posts or like Rimmel caramel cupcake), pastels (pinks and oranges) and very light metallics (potentially a slightly lighter version ofRimmel gold save the queen, also in one of my earlier posts). If you find something else that also works really well then please let me know!

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