23 December 2012

keeping festive warm

Let's be fair, it's not actually that cold outside but that doesn't mean we should't pull out our favourite accessory of the season: the mighty christmas jumper. Last week, my team had a Christmas Jumper Day at work and above is a small (but great) sample of what appeared on the day.

However, there was one re-occuring topic - how hard it was to find a christmas jumper this year! Mine (the penguin) was found in Camden Market by lovely Jan (sporting her reindeer look) after a good few days of us searching London's high street. Though it was worth the search in the end, I thought I would flag some jumpers I've spotted online (and love) if you're still looking for a novelty gem.

Party Polar Bear this jumper does all the talking; I would pair with black jeans and red heels

The Wolf not a one-off piece, this is a statement all year jumper that I absolutely adore and if you are also a fan of Flight Of The Conchords, this is 100% Brett jumper which makes me love it even more!

Fluo Reindeers who said red was the only colour for Christmas time, shine bright with this beauty

Santa's Kitten just. cute. (and a massive bargain!)


  1. The yellow one is quite the find. Maybe I can nab it in the sales

  2. The Topshop Christmas jumper range was great this year - sadly my festive robin only arrived yesterday so was a little too late :-( They're down to £35 now so chance for a bargain for next year!