1 August 2012

the usual suspects

So, a little about me; thought the best way to kick-off was to share my "usual suspects"

Left hand:
Louis Pion gold white leather watch, 21st birthday present from dad when I lived in Paris
yellow evil-eye bracelet, from Istanbul, on holiday with the boy

Right hand:
silver bangle, from Madagascar, a gift from mum which I've worn since age 7
wooden ring, from Kenya, a gift from mum's travels
silver ring with white bead, from Topshop

"my jewellery box" necklace:
a gift originally from dad's trip to Zanzibar
I've been building this up since age 11, close friends and family have kindly given me gems  to add on over the years

top: Louis Pion watch and evil-eye bracelet, middle: "my jewellery box" necklace,
bottom: wooden ring and silver ring with white bead

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