Thanks for dropping in. I'm Cathia, working in Market Research by day and blogging by night. I like black-and-white animals like pandas and penguins (I feel like they like to keep things simple) and rambling about things that make me smile. I really enjoy blogging and taking snaps. As everyone says, it's like my personal little space on the internet where I can just be me. I hope you enjoy exploring my blog, it means heaps to me that you took your time out to stop by so thank you.

If you fancy, get in touch!

A B O U T || I started this blog back in August 2012 as a way to escape the every day and share my interests with like minded people. Since then, I've discovered nail art, hidden gems to eat and hang out in across London so it has evolved into a personal style, lifestyle and nail art experiments blog with a hint of good food and travel.

W O R K I N G W I T H M E || I love discovering new brands / products / events and am happy to do a review as long as I feel it fits the blog's and my own personality, opinions and philosophy. [Any post with an * is sponsored.]

C R E D I T S || All photos are mine unless otherwise stated. Please credit if you decide to use!

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