7 February 2016

lemur free

T R A V E L || Madagascar 2015

What do you normally do when you travel somewhere? Most people would say: make a list of the things I have to see and then go see them. Whenever Madagascar is brought up as a destination, most conversations usually turn to either lemurs or vanilla, oh and that children's film [I'm sure you've heard of it] - unsurprising, given they are the most pushed images of the country. So when I say I went to Madagascar and saw zero lemurs [this was a jungle free trip], the way people react makes me smile. I've seen lemurs before, I love them to bits but sometimes other animals from Madagascar should get the spotlight, you know what I mean? The beauty of this particular destination is that it has been a relatively isolated island for around 88 million years and as a result about 90% of its plant and animal species are endemic [i.e. found nowhere else, lemurs included of course]. Evolution is fascinating, and I get it - lemurs are pretty awesome, and very cute - but let's just take a moment to hero their sidekicks.

garden dwellers. //

These three were just hanging out in our and friends' gardens; [1] hard to spot at first but this little cameleon was just hanging out on the tree branches as if it was playing hide and seek with us, [2] this little red fellow made me realise that I don't really like pigeons, would rather hang with this guy in Trafalgar square, [3] though not the most colourful that I met, this butterfly was just loving showing off its big wings amongst our flowers.

small but powerful. //

Insects are a real part of adventuring in Madagascar. Sometimes they are pretty, sometimes they are a little creepy but they all have one thing in common: they are all small. Each playing a role in their own little ecosystems, these guys just like to hang out and go about their own business. [1] the prettiest golden dragonfly I'd seen yet, [2] bright green grasshoppers are the one, [3] leaf insects just doing what they need to do in the nature, [4] red dragonflies camouflaging themselves into the red earth, [5] these moth-like creatures who love eucalyptus trees made a humming noise all day and all night to reassure us that predators were at bay.

saving champion horses. //

During my break, we visited a family friend's ranch deep in the countryside which was a pretty special place. A few years ago after discovering that champion horses were often sent to the slaughters once their racing-days were over, the owners decided to save them - re-housing the horses in Madagascar, looking after them and providing horse-loving adventurers the opportunity to explore the country on weekly / monthly guided tours with these beauties.

closer to home. //

A lot of Malagasy are fortunate enough to own a little bit of outdoor space - and whatever the size, it's not surprising to find a whole host of relatively more domesticated animals; [1] get-out-of-my-house geese are super useful for both producing delicious eggs for breakfast but also as an automatic house alarm system, [2] cows or zebu are a core part of many households providing milk but also the strength to plough the lands for that good good rice and leading carts to the market, [3] goats and turkeys have also formed strong relationships so everyone can save space for housing all the pets [4] dogs are also useful for protecting the household, but maybe not so much when they are the size of your thumb and all they care about is stealing milk from a bucket, [5] breeding ducklings so that everyone can make more eggs to sell is a no brainer, even if they think sheltering under a car is the safest chill-out zone.

tiger & tchip. //

But if you don't own a farm in the middle of the nowhere-countryside, a dog is definitely your best friend - especially if you're city-living [oh those bright lights]. These are two of my besties, just hanging out by the gate, catching some rays, waiting for their second lunch or something. Cuties.

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