7 February 2016

lemur free

T R A V E L || Madagascar 2015

What do you normally do when you travel somewhere? Most people would say: make a list of the things I have to see and then go see them. Whenever Madagascar is brought up as a destination, most conversations usually turn to either lemurs or vanilla, oh and that children's film [I'm sure you've heard of it] - unsurprising, given they are the most pushed images of the country. So when I say I went to Madagascar and saw zero lemurs [this was a jungle free trip], the way people react makes me smile. I've seen lemurs before, I love them to bits but sometimes other animals from Madagascar should get the spotlight, you know what I mean? The beauty of this particular destination is that it has been a relatively isolated island for around 88 million years and as a result about 90% of its plant and animal species are endemic [i.e. found nowhere else, lemurs included of course]. Evolution is fascinating, and I get it - lemurs are pretty awesome, and very cute - but let's just take a moment to hero their sidekicks.