31 January 2016

hello 2016

hello again. || to a brand new year.

I'm back and ready to embrace this new year's adventures. Some thoughts on how I plan to attack 2016 in style if you read on, complimented by a photo diary of the new light festival held in London this month called Lumiere. It was a super cold outing but refreshing hit of fun, brightness and creativity during a month which tends to feel quite long and grey [sorry January] - making my post-holidays-come-down that little bit less of a downer.

It has been two months since my last post and we are already well into 2016. How did that happen? Mum always says time moves fast when you're enjoying it. Oh, how wise - and accurate - she is. I haven't been writing for a while for good reasons - it got a little hectic at the start of December and then I disappeared on holiday for just over three weeks. There'll be more to come about my travels but to put the lack of posts into context, while I was away I had Internet connection about 4 times for about 5 minutes each time so no bloggy-agogo. No boohoos though because it was great being cut off with a capital YEY. Now that I'm back, I'm planning future posts like there's no tomorrow so WOOP.

time to dive in. //

[diver], by Ron Haselden

A new year always offers the opportunity to start fresh, so why not dive in? Those things we put off in 2015, let's go get them - because let's be real, if you don't, someone else will.
glass half full. //

[litre of light], by Mick Stephenson, Central Saint Martins, UAL, MyShelter Foundation

In the UK, the majority of us have water on tap - so let's take a moment and just appreciate that [and it's not just water, it's also Internet-access or electricity or a free healthcare system]. Living somewhere where most of these things are a struggle to get to on an everyday basis, this is a feeling I don't want to forget or get too used to.

I've also always been a glass-half-full kind of girl. Life has a funny way of challenging you, sometimes to the point where you're like 'what's all this for?', but if you're in the right frame of mind, anything is possible and I'd like to remain focused on the good in things than drown myself in a pool of drama.

time to dress up. //

[dresses], by Tae gon KIM

On New Year's day, I woke up and headed down to breakfast [in my PJs and hair-like-I-don't-care]. I found mum sat at the breakfast table dressed, looking beautiful as whaaat. She looked at me and said "Happy New Year darling, let this year be about being happy, beautiful & healthy". Memo noted, I'll be attempting to roll out of bed everyday as if #IWokeUpLikeThis then, even if I'm not leaving the house #SlobInStyle.

time to create some theatre. //

[circus of light], by Ocubo

This doesn't mean drama people, this just means not taking life too seriously and having fun with it - who doesn't love a good story or a bit of jazz-hands in the middle of a serious meeting. No one, that's who so let's all help each other out and add a bit of pizzaz into 2016.

be in the box but think outside of it. // 

[Spectra-3], by FIELD.io + [Pipette - King's Cross Tunnel], by Miriam Sleeman, Tom Sloan, Allies & Morrison & Speirs + Major

It's good to be different, but when everyone is also trying to be different, how "different" are you really? Appreciating that we're all human, have the same experiences and feelings is really important - not acknowledging that can become a weakness [in my opinion]. Sharing is genuinely caring so appreciate what's in the box but then try to think outside of it if it means genuinely helping others - be it a different way of thinking, exploring or just testing the boundaries of that box.

a year for you. //

[light graffiti], by Floating Pictures

Putting yourself first can come across selfish, and maybe even arrogant, but only if you're doing it badly. It's an incredible skill to be aware and helpful of others yet able to look after yourself - it's not easy but I think it's a really important life-skill because if you can't look after you, how can you ever have the energy or strength to look after others?

above all, make sure there's always a bit of sparkle. //

[binaryWaves], by LAB[au]

As we get older, the level of responsibility we have naturally builds up and some things start to get a bit serious. This can be scary but is also a lot more bearable if you just a bit of sparkle to it [big or small] - be it a good laugh with friends, asking whether you can get a free upgrade into business class just because, or just adding a bit of spontaneity in your everyday schedule. There's nothing worse than looking back and seeing stress with no sparkle.

As a thank you to 2015, here are my top three sparkles:

1. Exploring the beautiful city of København (& watching a good friend run his first marathon)
2. Eating all the good food that the South of France had to offer (Marseille & Cassis)
3. Finally learning how to make a traditional Malagasy dish from mum (and from gramps)

hope you had a great Christmas break and wishing you all [a belated] happy new year!


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