1 November 2015


E V E N T || Halloween 2015

Happy 1st November team. It's officially winter, I got my knits out [no ear muffs this year] and all the festivities are agogo. If you were roaming around at night this weekend, you may have noticed the numerous fancy skeletons, ghouls, ghosts and all things gruesome out painting London-town literally red [fake red, not real red I hope!]. And, what did I get up to? I painted my nails. That's right, I am rock n roll like that and I'll have you know that I scared a few pumpkin seeds away with my fancy Hallowtalons this year so the joke's on you guys. Mwahahahahaha.

Seriously, please read on if you wish to see our carving attempts this year - there may or may not be big lips and long eyelashes involved.

Palloween (noun) Halloween with pals. A term coined by the lovely Emilia.

This year I wasn't on top form so we decided to have a chilled out carving session and came out with these beauties. Lip-lushious eyelash queens, creepy crooked smiles and a bat attack! All forming a strong team look.

To add to the Palloween vibes, I painted my pre-inspired pumpkin nails using: 

base | OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby?
stripes | Topshop Mannequin
eyes & lips | Rimmel Your Majesty & Rio black pen & brush

This was quite a detailed design which needed a whole load of patience, but worth it in the end!

hope you all had a great Halloween.


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