29 November 2015

giving thanks

E V E N T || Thanksgiving 2015

This beautiful table setting before your eyes is the work of hostess with the mostest Miss KK - every year for the last few she's invited a small group of us to come over for a tasty feast and to just enjoy each other's company. Though I may not be from the US of A, I love being part of this particular holiday with KK because when you're far away from home your friends really do become your extended family, something I have always appreciated in my own life. Most of us might feel thankful for different things as we go about our everyday, but how often do we ever stop, share and acknowledge what we're most thankful for amongst good friends and family? I like that at least once a year I get the chance to do just that. So much can happen and change over a year that the good things, big or small, can easily pass us by or get forgotten. The other bonus of Thanksgiving? I also get to learn a new recipe and eat a whole lot of great food!

8 November 2015

fashun's golden gates

E V E N T || hmxbalmaination

5th November 2015, 06:30, I found myself queuing [yes, queuing like a true Brit] outside H&M's flagship store on Regent Street. Yep, for-one-morning-only I was one of those people. "Don't these people have jobs to go to?" I heard several times as commuters walked past [apparently the concept of taking annual leave isn't acceptable]. Ironically, I was and probably still am one of these judge-y passerbys. At one point, I did start to wonder why I wasn't in the comfort of my flat "queuing" online - or is that worse?! Who knows. All I know is if you're a fashun-bunny, this once-a-year date marked a pretty significant day in the calendar - a fashion house bringing out great quality design at high street prices. Too good to be true and why wouldn't we all try to get our hands on it? Sadly for us, the queuing was in vain because due to extremely poor organisation and hangry [hungry/angry] consumers, the Gold Gates of Fashun would not open for us this particular time.

Read on for my experience and what I would have hunted for [i.e. what all the fuss was about.]

1 November 2015


E V E N T || Halloween 2015

Happy 1st November team. It's officially winter, I got my knits out [no ear muffs this year] and all the festivities are agogo. If you were roaming around at night this weekend, you may have noticed the numerous fancy skeletons, ghouls, ghosts and all things gruesome out painting London-town literally red [fake red, not real red I hope!]. And, what did I get up to? I painted my nails. That's right, I am rock n roll like that and I'll have you know that I scared a few pumpkin seeds away with my fancy Hallowtalons this year so the joke's on you guys. Mwahahahahaha.

Seriously, please read on if you wish to see our carving attempts this year - there may or may not be big lips and long eyelashes involved.