18 October 2015

proper sunday

P L A C E || The Old Queen's Head

After a weekend of talks, demos, food, pink bubbly and girly fun thanks to Stylist mag* - we craved a good old heart warming Sunday roast. I'd heard that The Old Queen's Head had a good offering so decided to take the girls. The minute you step through the door, you are hit by traditional pub vibes - big sofas, wooden round tables, stools and benches, *that* slightly musty smell and lots of chitter-chatter. The ground floor is quite spacious [with high ceilings] but was already filled so we headed upstairs and stumbled on... an open mic session. Sunday roasts, cocktails and live music - win.

* Stylist Live feature to come this week, I'm shattered!

where || The Old Queen's Head, 44 Essex Road, Islington

the roast. //

There were several roast choices which was good - beef, lamb, chicken and cauliflower & stilton gratin - all served with roasties, parsnips, carrots, kale, peas and Yorkshire puds. Corinne and I opted for lamb and Lara went for chicken. To accompany, there were some fun cocktails on offer [Corinne went for a Cranberry Collins], Lara chose a Pinot Noir and I went for a classic Aperol Spritz. 

6.5 / 10 - overall, the roast was ok. The lamb was yummy, the roasties, snips & carrots were good but not enough crispiness [probably due to their sizes] and the peas & kale were tasty. That combination on its own was good. What brought it down for me was 1// the Yorkshire puds which seemed over-cooked on the outside yet still quite raw on the inside [I asked for another but got the same thing] and 2// though this might be a personal preference, I wish the gravy had been a bit thicker and also put on the side so I could pour the amount I wanted rather than it all being pre-drowned.

the live music. //

One of the best parts about our meal was getting to listen to some live music. We heard Highways, Rony Trio & unfortunately I can't remember the third act's name, all of whom were melodious and easy to listen to. They created a chilled vibe for our Sunday roast and brought a fun atmosphere to the pub experience. Apparently, The Sunday Social is a regular occurrence at The Old Queen's Head - which involves Sunday roasts, live music, board games, the Sunday supplements, DJs and free karaoke, all ready to keep your Sunday blues at bay. Genius.

here's to more Sunday roasts to warm up these chilly days!


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