27 September 2015

destination design

E V E N T || designjunction, London Design Week 2015

"Are you a designer?" was the most common question I got asked at this year's London Design Week, an event created to celebrate and promote great design from all over. Naturally, I was flattered - I had somehow managed to blend in - so was a little worried they would be disappointed when I would reply with "nope, I'm just a person who likes great design". This is the truth, I have a major appreciation for craftsmanship and an eye for detail. Design is one of those attributes I wish I had because a talented designer can make an everyday object exciting again or if we're lucky improve on existing designs so they adapt to become more in tune with us. It's a real art and something I'm glad is showcased so that it's appreciated every year. This was my first time at a London Design Festival paid fair and for £11 it was worth every penny.

where || designjunction, The College & Victoria House, Holborn

25 September 2015

ooh graze you

F O O D T R I A L || Graze

After three years of "pssst… your free graze box is waiting for you", I finally succumbed. I wanted to find out for myself what all the fuss was about and why team Graze were so keen on emailing every week so I didn't forget about my patient little snack box. All of this probably because a friend or colleague had shared their magical discount-code with me and I never fully committed because commitment is just hard guys [#RealTalk]. For someone who [at the start of this experiment] kept thinking she could easily make her own selection of snack-combinations [but never did], I'm surprised that I'm going to see what my non-free second box of magical snacks will bring next week. That's right, snacks to my door isn't as ridiculous as I'd originally thought. 

Read on to find out what I had and my honest pros & cons.

20 September 2015

cutie cassis

T R A V E L || a day in… Cassis

Can you tell yet that I can't get enough of the South of France? This is my third and final post on this gorgeous part of France and about a little day trip which for me was the perfect end to a great short break. On our last full day, Lara and I decided to head to the much-talked-about small port town of Cassis - famous for being a great starting point for visiting the famous calanques [by boat or hiking], a region that produces great wine [vineyards galore], cute backstreets and for boasting beautiful beaches. We were not disappointed - read on to spend a day [or about ten minutes] in Cassis with us.

The Marseille mini-break Trilogy || pt 1. port life & pt 2. eat marseille

13 September 2015

eat marseille

T R A V E L & F O O D || Marseille, France

Food, glorious French food. Massalia possibly gave me one of the most colourful food diaries so far. With the help of the interweb and recommendations from family / friends / fellow bloggers / locals, I tried to enjoy some of the best culinary spots Marseille had to offer - and the city certainly didn't disappoint. From trying Tunisian brik for the first time, to tasting a Masterchef finalist's menu, to high-end bagels in Panier, and to Michelin-style Bouillabaisse by the sea - there is genuinely something for everyone in Marseille's food scene. You just have to do a bit of exploring and planning. We ate really well on this trip [I seem to always do in France], fell for local rosé and gained happy food-bellies. There were more places I would have loved to have tried but I'll leave that as an excuse for a second visit! P.S. you may need a cup of tea or something to munch on before you read on - you've been warned.

6 September 2015

port life

T R A V E L || Marseille

Oh the joy of travel. This time last week I was in the south-of-France city of Massalia - apparently not a first-thought destination when we think of the Côte d'Azur. I say this because of three things - [1] I can reel off a few popular French Riviera destinations that would probably come to mind before Marseille [Cannes, Nice, Monaco, St-Tropez, etc.], [2] even before getting to Marseille, I was met with comments such as "be careful", "why Marseille?!" & "oh, there's lots of drugs there", [3] even while we were there, we barely met or heard any English speaking visitors. I find these facts understandable - not many people really know much about Marseille and it's surrounded by beautiful wine counties and cute French towns like Aix-en-Provence so competition is tough. However, in 2013 the city was awarded title of European Capital of Culture and since then it has blossomed [even the locals commented on it], now home to some of Europe's most beautiful spots like MuCEM and a thriving foodie offering outside of the famous bouillabaisse staple. We had an amazing time and I would highly recommend!

cover photo by Lara | read on for my tips & postcards from Massalia