27 July 2015

womud wishlist

E V E N T || WOMAD festival 2015, a wishlist for day three

Unfortunately, as the weather became progressively wet and worse I was outnumbered and collectively we decided not to head into Womud for day three. I had been hopeful that the start of the day would be pretty miserable [so naturally, avoid] but then it would clear and there would only be light showers  [there were several acts in the late afternoon and evening that I really wanted to see] - so I thought I would give you a flavour of the music [and food I'd be eating] if I had been there. This is a fantastic festival to immerse yourself in and as gutted as I was to miss the finale, the first two days were great fun. Come rain or shine, I'd always highly recommend this festival - there is no other place to hear music from all over the world you might not have heard otherwise.

Big Thanks again to WOMAD and see you next year!

what I would have watched. // thank you Youtube!

Noura Mint Seymali Mauritania - 'more of those 21st-century desert blues'

I thank Tinariwen for opening my mind up and introducing me to the desert blues - so despite my loyalty, I was keen to check out Noura Seymali as I'd heard equally great reviews about her.

Dona Onete Brazil - 'Late-blooming Amazonian songstress'

I'd not heard of Dona Onete before but her story sounded interesting [this lovely lady only recorded her debut album after her 73rd birthday, having previously devoted her life to being a history professor in her hometown in the Amazon] - I wanted to support her newly bloomed career, go girl!

Ghostpoet UK - 'social realism from the south London MC'

Hard-hitting and powerful lyrics against great beats - I really wanted to catch this set the most on Sunday. It would have been an amazing opportunity to bask in this lyrical genius' performance. Jealousy aside, I'm really glad it went down well with the crowd [I got reports that it was one of the best sets yesterday!].

Mahmoud Ahmed & Badume's Band Ethiopia / France - 'the golden-voiced Ethiopiques hero'

I am a huge Ethiopiques fan and although I've seen Mahmoud Ahmed before it's always a massive pleasure to listen to and watch him perform. This style of music really resonates with me and I would have loved to have gotten my yearly fix. [Sorry for the quality of the vid - best I could find!]

Laura Mvula UK - 'deeply original and richly talented singer'

I like supporting UK artists, which is easy when you have talented singers like Laura Mvula in the mix.  It would have been a real treat to watch her and see how she came across in a live performance.

The Cat Empire Australia - 'Melbourne's answer to Manu Chao?'

I'm probably in the minority of people who hadn't heard of The Cat Empire until I mentioned it to a couple of friends that they were headlining Sunday @ WOMAD. I don't live under a rock [I promise] but was intrigued by all the enthusiastic recommendations so definitely would have stuck around to watch these guys get the finale party started.

Cheikh Lô Senegal - 'effortlessly cool West African troubadour'

As I missed so much of the set on day two, I would have tried to stay long enough to catch as much of this legend's second performance [tiredness and coldness permitting]. He's worth it.

what I would have eaten. //

I was saving the best meal till last, so would have headed straight for one of my favourites - The Shack, who make the best jerk chicken and sides on the WOMAD site. Deeeeelicious. I'd have also had some sort of delicious warm crêpe later in the evening for dessert / to keep me warm and then I would have stocked up on that good good liquorice. Omnom!

what I would done. //

In between all the music [time-permitting], Ellie and I would have probably browsed the many funky stalls and picked up a bargain or two. My favourites are the jewellery [Saharan and silver styles] and the African print clothing stalls. Then I would have probably gone back and stocked up even more on liquorice because you can never have too much.

All in all, despite missing the final day, it was a fab weekend. 


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