27 July 2015

womud wishlist

E V E N T || WOMAD festival 2015, a wishlist for day three

Unfortunately, as the weather became progressively wet and worse I was outnumbered and collectively we decided not to head into Womud for day three. I had been hopeful that the start of the day would be pretty miserable [so naturally, avoid] but then it would clear and there would only be light showers  [there were several acts in the late afternoon and evening that I really wanted to see] - so I thought I would give you a flavour of the music [and food I'd be eating] if I had been there. This is a fantastic festival to immerse yourself in and as gutted as I was to miss the finale, the first two days were great fun. Come rain or shine, I'd always highly recommend this festival - there is no other place to hear music from all over the world you might not have heard otherwise.

Big Thanks again to WOMAD and see you next year!

26 July 2015

sun in mud

E V E N T || WOMAD Festival 2015, day two

Do you trust these colourful smiley people? I certainly did, so naturally had to grab a quick snap with them. How could you not, just look at those suits. It's amazing the difference a bit of sun can make to a whole festival - the number of people on site near tripled vs. rainy day one, smiles were everywhere [as well as a lot more flesh on show] and I consumed not one but two ice creams in one day [I decided to call the second a palette cleanser to balance the universe out so don't panic]. Therefore, I've decided that festivals should always just be sunny because you see a lot more, feel relatively more free to explore [limit the mudmageddon] and get to eat ice cream [the latter is of course the most important]. Day Two included watching a couple of legends [Cheikh Lô and Aurelio] as well as discovering some super talented new favourites [Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp]. Thanks again WOMAD, you legend - until tomorrow!

big shout out to these super fly dudes for adding some cheer into my day.

25 July 2015

hello womud

E V E N T || WOMAD Festival 2015, day one

Despite the heavy rainfall [great timing world], I am so happy to be back at WOMAD festival drinking in some of the best music from around the world at the moment. It wasn't great that the grey and rain had to stay around all day but as soon as I stepped into the arena and saw the flags I forgot about being cold and wet [nearly]. To add to the cheer, today we nicknamed ourselves Wet Cat and Damp Elle, two extremely attractive names for young ladies at a family, friendly festival. We made it work though - had lots of yummy, warming food throughout the day [including a Goan mackerel curry - YUM] and tried to stay in the tent venues to watch as much as we could. Exploring and shopping can be for tomorrow when [cross cross cross fingers] it will be sunny!

19 July 2015

festival fashion

S T Y L E || 2015 Festivals

We are finally in full steam festival season and I am hitting the yearly conundrum of: what is this year's theme? For the first time in while, I'm stuck. What else to do then but hit the online retailers and browse browse browse. These are three cute co-ords I've stumbled on and loved. Will you see me in any of them this year at WOMAD festival? Who knows. Watch this fashion-confused-space.

feat. || Topshop & ASOS [click on for details]

12 July 2015


F O O D & P L A C E S ||

Don't let the picture fool you, this place was Bu-uh-zzing. For good reason too [read on]. This was captured at approximately 1.30am when we'd finally vaguely stopped chattering and were close to being the last diners sitting. That's when you know it's been a great night. I'd never heard of Chotto Matte until this weekend but had no doubt it would be a great choice from Nick the connoisseur-of-London-town-dining [thank you you-legend for organising]. The place was colourful, sexy [yes, sexy], mysterious and spacious all in one. Chilled music, graffiti walls, granite and dark wood furnishings, it felt pretty luxurious or as we all described it "a great date night venue". Date night or not, this place is definitely worth a visit - their menu is quirky [described as Peruvian flavours married with classic Japanese dishes], and delicious as. Every dish we had was yummy [even the edamame stood out as one of the best of the best] and the fruity sake was a lovely surprise. Next time, I'll have to test their pisco sours, particularly as there's a whole menu dedicated to them...

where || Chotto Matte, 11-13 Frith Street, London W1D 4RB

8 July 2015

baumann's or ranfield's

F O O D & P L A C E S || Baumann's or Ranfield's?

That is a really good question. Who knows, I don't really need an answer either way because which ever it is this place serves a darned delicious sunday lunch for two. I just hope this doesn't change that's all. You can find this gem of a place in the quiet Essex market town of Coggeshall - famously known as Baumann's Brasserie of award-winning chef Mark Baumann, it is currently in transition to becoming Ranfield's Brasserie I believe [but don't hold me to that]. Change is never easy - it's stressful establishing yourself in a community if you are the new owners, and unnerving if you are one of the extremely loyal clientele of a local foodie spot - but sometimes it's a good thing, a breath of fresh air to mark a new era. I heard a great saying this week which feels quite apt for many situations including this one: when a door closes, you can open it again. Interpret it as you like, but in this case, more delicious food might be behind that door so embrace!

where || Baumann's Brasserie, 4-6 Stoneham Street, Coggeshall, Essex CO6 1TT

3 July 2015

so brazil

F O O D & P L A C E S || Carioca Brixton

It's 30-ish degrees outside, I wouldn't blame you for being confused. Are we really in England?! Yes we are, we really really are - our air conditioned [not.] beloved public transportation has been my favourite part of #thatheatwavelife. However, when an invite comes your way to dine at a new Brazilian hotspot in Brixton, it's almost as if the weather has answered my calls - a cool caipirinha and yummy spicy food could just hit the holiday-vibes spot nicely. I'd been to Brixton Village but not specifically to Market Row before [or at least I don't think so!]. After what seemed like the longest, hottest journey across London I found myself first getting lost in amongst the market places [even with a map] and then finding a little colourful haven to celebrate #FiestaTuesday! Read on to find out what we ate and get your Brixton Brazilian vibes on.

where || Carioca Brixton, Market Row, 25-27 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LB