7 June 2015

københavn living

T R A V E L & L I F E S T Y L E & F O O D || København, Denmark

I recently visited the wonderful city of København in Denmark with friends. I got to know the city and its main [very trendy] neighbourhoods in post one and now for post two I am taking you through the most important element of the trip: the food! I mentioned previously that København is home to the world's no. 1 restaurant Noma so naturally we had to eat our way through the city to find out what all the hype was about. Lucky for us, many places seemed to have ex-Noma chefs or simply just had some very talented teams. With the exception of a couple of places, Diane and I ate really well throughout our trip. Based on a combination of friends' recommendations, Visit Copenhagen, Time Out city guides and Guide-to-Copenhagen here's a snapshot of the great places we got to experience.

W H E R E T O E A T.

Pure fluke, this little gem was close to where we were staying in Indre By. We landed off the plane at about 9pm, quickly metro'd our way into the city and rocked up to a restaurant in the Michelin guide [I hadn't realised]. We opted for the set menu so that the choice was made easy for our tired brains and had probably one of the best meals I've had yet. Every dish on the menu was based on a little story, and our tasting menu consisted of: Smoke in the kitchen, The forgotten, Bird is the word & From root to leaf. Marv & Ben also had the best bread of the whole trip made of sourdough, beer and buttermilk - YUM. 

Dansk Smørrebrød.

In Nyhavn, across the road from the highly recommended Told og Snaps was another café specialising in the Danish lunchtime speciality: smørrebrød. I had the smoked salmon and cream cheese version which was delicious. Have become a big fan of the Danish open sandwich, the filling to bread ratio is strong [just the way it should be really]. Worth noting that the majority of places serving smørrebrød close at about 5pm because this is specifically a lunchtime speciality!

Diane and I had both read about Denmark being famous for great coffee. This particular spot was recommended by a friend from University so while exploring Nørrebro [in a bit of rain] we decided this might be a great place to shelter and rest our little legs. We both agreed it was the best coffee we'd had in the city.

Whilst exploring Nørrebro, we located another recommended place. Manfreds was super cute inside and somewhere definitely on our wishlist to come-back to on a future trip. We couldn't leave empty handed so ended up picking up some take-away desserts - Diane went for a panna cotta with white strawberries and I chose a chocolate mousse with red strawberries. It was like eating hot chocolate in mousse form, so so so good.

A couple of colleagues were also in Copenhagen the same weekend and had recommended Fiskebar. We really wanted to eat in the famous meatpacking district so were excited when we managed to book a late table here. Probably one of the best places we'd both eaten in yet, we went for a tasting menu again and were just shocked at how reasonable the price tag was at the end of the meal. Bar one dish which was slightly too salty, the rest was incredible and it was such a lovely touch to the meal when the head chef Aaron came out to ask what we thought. For me, the dessert was a big highlight - particularly the liquorice section, I've not had flavours that evolve over one spoonful before!

After failing to locate a tasty brunch on our first morning, I was relieved when our brunch plates arrived at Voulez Vous? in Indre By. Small delicious pastries, yummy fruit, creamy vanilla yoghurt and that fruity nutty brown bread Denmark is famous for. Yum yum and more yum. Plus, we had a symmetrical breakfast!

Our final meal was on the edge of the canal, a stunning setting in Christianshavn. We went for the set menu again [we decided it was probably the best way for all the restaurants to showcase their hero dishes] and soon regretted it as the portions were huge! I was defeated by the main course but really enjoyed the dessert [berry compote, ice cream and toasted grains].


We noticed that kebab and pizza were some of the most popular 'fast-food' options in Copenhagen. I liked this cute kebab-van for your shwarma-on-the-go needs. Sadly, we didn't try any kebab during our trip [there's always North London if I get a craving]. We did however have some great pizza and cocktails at Neighbourhood Pizza in Vesterbro [Diane wasn't as convinced but I enjoyed!].

W H E R E T O S T A Y.

Copenhagen is filled with apartments, of all shapes and sizes - each block uniform and yet full of character, each different from the next. There were very few townhouses in the main part of the city. I loved all the colour, various styles [modern and traditional mixed together] and cute balconies everywhere. Snooping in some of the estate agent windows, ample light [from preferably big windows], the feeling of space and white-everything-inside seemed like popular demands in Danish flat hunting.

We used Air BnB for this trip because the prices are great and I like experiencing how people live in other countries. Our flat was in Indre By, really well located and a perfect base for exploring Copenhagen as it was pretty much in the centre of everything. The flat was in a cute little yellow building with an adorable courtyard overlooking other colourful flats and cobbled streets. Marie [our host] is a great decorator and made us feel really welcome in her little flat. Can't wait to go back now!

hope you've all enjoyed the glorious weather this weekend, I am BBQ'd out.


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