22 May 2015

paper proud

P L A C E & L I F E S T Y L E ||

I have a real appreciation for great design, mainly because it can always surprise. Something that looks beautifully simple on the surface can have many elements of detail that you could easily bypass, but look closer and you start to appreciate the level of work involved. For me, real creatives have a way of bringing together an eye for detail and many ideas into a clear and simple proposition. Face-value, Papersmiths in Bristol is just a shop selling magazines and stationery. Go inside though and you're transported into a quality print-house showcasing their finest paper publications, almost in art gallery form.

Highly recommend visiting this store if you're ever in Bristol but be prepared you'll probably come out with a purchase or two! Let's just say my inner hoarder isn't best pleased [but really, is].

where || Papersmiths, 6a Boyces Avenue, Clifton Village, Bristol

Papersmiths don't sell your standard magazines - these are all specially created, released only a few times a year and only sold in a few select stores. Each one has its own unique voice and style, yet somehow can sit proudly together because of one common attribute: quality. Papersmiths only stock a few copies of each which makes the experience feel as if you're buying a book rather than a magazine - this simplicity is then resonated across all of the beautifully crafted accessories stylised around the room. Selling only a few of each item actually lets them shine individually - nothing gets lost on shelf [the whole pile 'em high concept eradicated] and the whole buying-slash-browsing experience becomes much more purposeful.

As well as magazines, Papersmiths also sells high quality designed books. I could have genuinely spent a day in there just browsing all the topics on offer. Everything has clearly been well thought out and although the variety on sale is huge you don't ever get that over-whelming where-do-I-start feeling. The decor certainly helped create this open atmosphere - I love the combination of white and wood, it's really calming. The big windows and the vertical garden in the corner of the room were additional great touches.

Great design can be both inspirational and aspirational; and as Papersmiths demonstrates it can be a powerful tool for creating a clean concept and making the customer's overall experience really enjoyable.

have a great long bank holiday weekend [U.K. team!]


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