31 May 2015

cycle city

T R A V E L & P L A C E S || KĂžbenhavn, Denmark

I rarely need an excuse to travel but this time round I actually had a good one - my flatmate was running his first ever marathon and the destination was extremely appealing. Years ago I went to Norway and remembered really enjoying the Scandinavian way of life - clean, crisp air, open spaces, lots of eating fish and meeting friendly [and beautiful] natives. Of course I can't just generalise but I did have one other enticing fact up my sleeve - Copenhagen is home to the world's best restaurant Noma, so I imagined I could probably 99% guarantee I would eat well there?! That last sentence was quickly proved right [2 hours after stepping off the plane] and as we got to know the city many of us were contemplating a permanent move… This 1st of 2 posts is all about the city and its four fun neighbourhoods. Copenhagen is super walkable with pretty much everybody navigating it by bicycle!

22 May 2015

paper proud

P L A C E & L I F E S T Y L E ||

I have a real appreciation for great design, mainly because it can always surprise. Something that looks beautifully simple on the surface can have many elements of detail that you could easily bypass, but look closer and you start to appreciate the level of work involved. For me, real creatives have a way of bringing together an eye for detail and many ideas into a clear and simple proposition. Face-value, Papersmiths in Bristol is just a shop selling magazines and stationery. Go inside though and you're transported into a quality print-house showcasing their finest paper publications, almost in art gallery form.

Highly recommend visiting this store if you're ever in Bristol but be prepared you'll probably come out with a purchase or two! Let's just say my inner hoarder isn't best pleased [but really, is].

where || Papersmiths, 6a Boyces Avenue, Clifton Village, Bristol

17 May 2015

tasting the season

F O O D & P L A C E S ||

I love discovering hidden gems in London. What started off as a search for 'the best roasts in London' for a catch up with school friends who I hadn't seen for many years resulted in me finding Season Kitchen. Around the corner from Finsbury Park station, amongst the hair-shops, local market stalls and news agents, is a cute little restaurant only serving dishes using the best of seasonal produce. The restaurant atmosphere is cosy and cute but still open and airy. Every dish on the main menu looked delicious and it felt like a pretty tough choice ahead until I spotted the tasting menu: six courses for £24. You get to try a wide variety of the main dishes [miniaturised] on offer which is really fun but also a bargain. It's a great little spot and although I didn't get to try their sunday roast this time [ends at 4pm] I can't wait to. Apparently the menu is weekly-changing too so am sure I'll be going back several more times to test my weird-and-wonderful produce knowledge and further educate my tastebuds.

where || Season Kitchen, 53 Stroud Green Road, London N4 3EF

10 May 2015

grandpa's ginger chicken

R E C I P E ||

This might look like I love soupy dishes. I do. Last week I managed to finally catch the cold that's been zooming around the city and when I told my grandpa he just said: eat ginger chicken. I lie, he actually also said drink lots of lemon, honey and whiskey but I couldn't fill my belly with solely that so ginger chicken it was. When you're in ill-mode cooking is probably the last thing you want to do but trust me when I say grandpa was right - not only was the ginger chicken delicious and comforting but the kick of the ginger perked me right up. This dish is a winner all round, thanks gramps! Read on if you want to know how I made it and feel like having a go too.