3 April 2015

a pedler afternoon

F O O D & P L A C E S ||

I have been so excited to write this post. I love good food but rarely am I genuinely no-words blown away - either by sheer surprise and/or awe at how clever chefs and mixologists in this fine city are. Last weekend, I was spoilt for good food and also discovered my kryptonite thanks to a lovely little place in Peckham Rye called Pedler. A few years ago, I spent a year trying out as many different cocktails as I could [that's not what university's for kids so don't learn from me; sorry mum and dad]. There were highs and there were some definite deep-down-on-the-floor-toxic lows, but you live and you learn. I definitely learnt what I liked and didn't like, and as a result have acquired a pretty picky taste in cocktails. When I was recommended the Early Bird on the Pedler cocktail menu, I knew I had to try it - all of my favourite things [gin, marmalade & pink grapefruit] smooshed together couldn't go wrong right? And boy was it good with a capital G. So delicious, and the deliciousness just carried on into the meal from there. Keep reading if you want to hear me gush some more about this gem [you've been warned].

where. // Pedler Peckham Rye, 58 Peckham Rye, London, SE15 4JR

I've been naughty, I don't visit +Diane as much as I should. So when she suggested a new brunch place in her super casual standard manner, I thought yeah ok I'm down for that. Though I didn't really get a sense of what the place we were about to visit would be like from the invite, I trusted her because like me Diane appreciates a good meal. As you approach and walk into Pedler, you are greeted with a vibrant and open space. You immediately get the feeling that everything has been chosen for a purpose and the atmosphere is filled with positive chilled vibes. I got the feeling that it was going to be good.

The restaurant was quite busy when we arrived so we ended up sitting at the end of the bar which I actually quite enjoyed. It felt like we were part of the action as we could see straight onto the bar and witness all the cocktail making. As soon as the menus arrived, we knew we wanted to try as many dishes as possible so decided to have a couple of "small" plates and then a main to share. If we then had space [which we didn't in the end], dessert looked pretty awesome too.

to start we had. //

bread plate with olive oil. / great selection and got our appetite off to a great start.

golden beetroot, honeyed goats cheese & chervil. / as soon we ate this we both just shut up and started making I'm-in-heaven noises - it was so simple yet so so delicious, sweet and salty and just tasty.

smoked haddock, leeks, creme fraiche on rosemary focaccia. / just when we thought the beetroot couldn't be beet [get it?] the smoked haddock smacked us right around the mouth with more delicious goodness, great flavours and textures put together.

for mains we had. //

paprika rubbed lamb shoulder with honey glazed roots & tops, dripping roasties, g's yorkies and gravy. / errmahgahd seriously the lamb just fell apart, it was like eating butter - if butter was made out of delicious lamb meat that is. We both enjoyed the veg and thought the roasties were some of the best we'd tried yet. The gravy was quite thin [we like gravy thick but we're not experts in gravy making so...] but delicious all the same. Overall, Diane, Queenie and I really enjoyed this proper job Sunday roast!

for dranks we had. //

early bird cocktail. little bird gin, marmalade, orange liquor & pink grapefruit. / yum to the yum-meee, could have drunk a bottle of this stuff but didn't because I am well-behaved.

boys to the yard rhubarb & custard shake. / I think Diane enjoyed this one!

breakfast club 1985 cocktail. little bird gin, campari, lemon & raspberry. / Diane was so-so with this, it was quite sour and I think she wasn't sure why she'd picked it but hey, if you like a hint of sourness this is your thang.

karma cola. / I've never tried this before, it's got a lot of flavour but wasn't my favourite cola. Diane thinks if you like Dr Pepper than you might like this and the plus is it's organic, woop.

how to get there. //

If you've never been to Peckham then you might feel a bit disorientated. As you come out of Peckham Rye station you are instantly hit with a plethora of hair salons, grocers, bakeries, bus stops, market stalls and everything in between. My favourite part no doubt is that every time I come out of the station a or two lady will call out at me "you wanna get your hair done darling?" to which I smile and say no thank you but thanks for the offer! I always get distracted on my way down to Diane's flat because the shops on the main road are just filled with the most interesting goods - north african sweet treats, whole pieces of aloe vera leaves for sale, hair shops and an array of fruit or veg that I couldn't name if I tried. Everything catches my eye. There's a definite community vibe and you can tell everyone comes down from surrounding areas to do their weekly shop. Further down as you approach Peckham Rye Common, the vibe completely changes. It's quite incredible. You go from bustling markets selling anything and everything to sudden calm where the streets are lined with trendy independent shops [there was one purely for coffee grinding - I am not joking]. Two completely different worlds under each other's noses - one of the many things I love about London because 1] you just never know what you'll find around the corner and 2] how diverse and encompassing of different cultures this city is. 

Personally, I can't wait to go back for more of that Early Bird and lamb goodness. Peckham and Pedler are both great places, so I'd highly recommend going on an adventure there!

hope you all have a great long weekend filled to the brim with chocolate!


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