15 March 2015

that talented Gail

F O O D & P L A C E S ||

Of Gail's Kitchen that is. I don't actually think it's Gail that cooks everything, she'd be really tired. Most people have probably seen or heard of Gail's Bakery - the bakeries aren't quite everywhere but wherever they're set up they are instantly popular, known for delicious breads but also for the pastries. My nearest one runs out of bread pretty rapidly on a regular basis which confirms that they must have a winning formula [I will get my hands on a loaf one day!]. Recently, I learnt that Gail's had also entered into the restaurant world opening its first venue in My Hotel Bloomsbury. Good at bread making = Good at brunch making right?! Ashleigh and I head over to find out.

first course.

First things first: drinks. I ordered a small glass of the homemade lemonade with eldeflower and a latte, and Ashleigh chose orange juice. For our mains, Ashleigh had the banana bread, sour cream and dates. I had the smoked mackerel, horseradish cream, poached duck egg and toast - it also came with watercress which added a good balance to the dish, overall really delicious though I would have preferred my horseradish sauce on the side [lesson learnt for next time].

second course. 

We eyed up everyone's ordered as they arrived [yes, we were those people]. Originally Ashleigh wanted to try the cookies and milk [they did look amazing], but when a certain dish on the next table caught her eye those cookies were quickly out of the picture. While I moved on to dessert, Ashleigh just went for it and ordered the Shashuka: eggs and feta baked in tomato and pepper sauce - it smelt amazing and tasted just as good, spicy tomatoey eggy goodness. Instead, I went for a sweet-combo of lemon curd, meringue, sage, olive oil and coconut & cocoa chip ice cream - absolutely loved the lemon curd dessert as it had just the perfect balance of sweet, creamy and citrus flavours; the ice cream was tasty too, more subtle flavours but a refreshing end to the meal. 

the venue.

I haven't done it much justice in these snaps but the venue itself is open and breezy, despite actually being quite compact in size. I loved all the lighting fixtures and the simplicity of the overall layout - comfy leather benches mixed with practical touches like coat hooks between the wall lights, the space is maximised to be efficient but still feel spacious. My Hotel itself is very modern and visibly a busy little hub for hotel guests and visitors - there are funky murals, fish tanks and laptop pods to please everyone.

trainers [ +Converse ]
skirt [ +H&M ]
coat [ a gift ]

hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
and happy mumma's day to all the wonder-women in this world.


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