31 March 2015

winter into spring

Q 1 2 0 1 4 F A V O U R I T E S || Skincare, Nails & Home

Before this month is out, I wanted to share some of my more recent favourite life-stuff. For any non 9-to-5ers, Q1 refers to January, February & March because these are the months I've enjoyed using these products the most. Plus let's be honest - you need cash money money to try lots of new things every month. Covering three-to-five months of experimenting, I've managed to cut my favourites down into a selective list of products I would genuinely recommend because I've spent [nearly] enough time incorporating them into my everyday lifestyle and am now a fan.

29 March 2015

balthazar fashion tea

F O O D & P L A C E S ||

The post title might have given it away a little bit but this weekend I finally got the chance to sip on some of that famous Balthazar high tea. Real fancy, I know. It was miss Lara's birthday so why not - it is her favourite pastime after all, though we probably didn't need that as an excuse. We both share a love for this super british activity and we are also into #fashun, so this seemed like the perfect spot for us to catch up and celebrate another year of [her] getting older! I think this tea was launched around LFW time and has been created by the wonderfully colourful and creative English fashion designer Matthew Williamson, making the standard afternoon tea that much more glam. This tea is exclusive to Balthazar and each bespoke cake is inspired by the floral and soft colours of the designer's S/S 2015 collection. The Matthew Williamson Afternoon Tea is on the pricey side but definitely worth it for a special occasion; it's around until 1st May so you still have time to check it out.

25 March 2015

dotty for pineapples

N A I L A R T ||

I was naughty this month. I bought some maracas. That's a lie. I didn't. I bought some completely frivolous pens [yes, that's a pen party you're seeing right there] from Tiger with PINEAPPLES on the ends. YEY it's a pineapple partay, all day, every day. Now back to this post, I was actually naughty because I bought two new OPI polishes this month. I rarely buy them because they're quite pricey so feel like a bit of a special occasion item rather than a regular polish purchase. Recently, OPI have released their new Hawaii range which I just love. When I saw Pineapples Have Peelings Too I just had to get it and then out the corner of my eye spotted a gem from the classics range Not So Bora-bora-ing Pink - both delicious colours and I just went dotty mad. Read on to see what I created.

22 March 2015

getting lost in KL

T R A V E L & F O O D || Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Exploring a new city is always fun and nothing is more intriguing that visiting local markets, be it for a browse or just an opportunity to discover how the locals live. Led again by our trusty guidebooks, this is part II of my Malaysia first-time-in-Asia throwback posts; part I was all about brunching KL-style at the buzzy Imbi market. I am a big fan of markets, there's always lots going on and a buzz you can't help but enjoy getting lost in. Malaysia happens to have some of the most vibrant markets I've explored so far - made more enjoyable by the fact that where there is a good market, there is good food. This is how we navigated our way through some of KL's famous markets.

15 March 2015

that talented Gail

F O O D & P L A C E S ||

Of Gail's Kitchen that is. I don't actually think it's Gail that cooks everything, she'd be really tired. Most people have probably seen or heard of Gail's Bakery - the bakeries aren't quite everywhere but wherever they're set up they are instantly popular, known for delicious breads but also for the pastries. My nearest one runs out of bread pretty rapidly on a regular basis which confirms that they must have a winning formula [I will get my hands on a loaf one day!]. Recently, I learnt that Gail's had also entered into the restaurant world opening its first venue in My Hotel Bloomsbury. Good at bread making = Good at brunch making right?! Ashleigh and I head over to find out.

11 March 2015

moss leopard

N A I L E X P E R I M E N T S ||

It's that time again - new week equals new nails. These ones aren't really inspired by anything specific. I enjoy a bit of leopard print every now and then, and just felt like doing something fun with these pretty colours. It's a super duper simple creation involving building up lots of nail varnish blobs - all you need is a little patience for drying between coats and you'll be able to rock this little jungle print too!

step-by-step || if you feel like giving it a try too

8 March 2015

brunch KL style

T R A V E L & F O O D || Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is a long time coming guys. I can't believe it but just over a year ago, I stepped foot into Asia for the first time in my life. Why did it take me so long? I have no idea, but I was given a great excuse when my lovely friend Rai invited a bunch of us over to celebrate her marriage. Then I read a travel article [Aaron's adventures in Asia to be exact] on one of my favourite blogs Yin&Yang recently and was inspired to look back over photos from my own trip to Malaysia early last year. To no surprise, I had taken a thousand photos and felt the urge to share some of the highlights with you guys. Better late than never! With so many memories to choose from, there might be a few instalments coming up so watch-this-space. In the meantime, let me take you to Imbi market for a spot of brunch...

6 March 2015

vary amin'anana

R E C I P E ||

I've been meaning to upload this recipe for a good while and finally got a little nudge this week. During my last trip to Madagascar, I asked mum to teach me how to make a traditional dish called vary amin'anana which translates simply to rice with greens. It's actually a rice soup and for me one of the most comforting dishes and reminds me of my mumma every time I make it. D'awww.

1 March 2015

no Qs

L I F E ||

No queues, not No questions. I love questions. I hate queues. That's what I realised this week when I took a couple of days off work. Lack of planning meant I had London town [nearly] all to myself to explore. If I'm honest, not working on a weekday and not travelling anywhere does feel a little bit weird but there's a huge perk I always forget about - most people are at work which means most normally-hectic-slash-popular places in this fine city are chill. So, on a culture and food adventure I went…