15 February 2015

palentine's weekend

E V E N T || Palentine's 2015

Unless you've been living under a rock [jealous], you will have undoubtedly either been showered in love bubbles or running away from them this weekend. Let's be honest, Valentine's Day is a bit of a weird concept - why just have one day over-filled with love bubbles when you could spread those bubbles across the year. Beats me. For my pals and I, at least it means another [not-required] excuse to throw a dinner party except this time cupid will throw up all over the place [classy cupid, just classy].

What on earth is "Palentine's" I hear you ask? Well, created in 2013 Palentine's is now an annual event where my close pals and I get together to tell each other how much we love each other and hand out teddy bears holding little heart cushions saying "I luh yu". OK, that's a lie. Genuinely though, we do get a bit gushy [a lot of cuddles are involved] but there are no bears [booo], just lots and lots of food made-with-lurve [yeeey].

This year was little old me's turn and I ambitiously decided to try a Jamie's 30 Minute Meals recipe. For those who've been there, this actually translates to Jamie's 3 hour meals because I ain't got his skills in the kitchen. On the menu: Valentine's Nibbles [starter], Five-Spicy Duck Salad with Giant Croutons [main] and Fruity Eton Mess [dessert]. I tried to keep it as simple as possible but let me tell you, cooking for six is no walk in the park [for me at least!]. I definitely had a little help from my friends. Emilia made the most delicious warm starters complimenting my cold ones: melted brie and caramelised onion chutney & carrot rosti with goats cheese and humous on mini toasts [sooo tasty]. By the time I finished the main, I was exhausted [HA] so I got a little more help from my friends to make the dessert [highly appreciated as I don't own a whisk]. And yes, Eton Mess was a great choice then... #amateur

Basically, we just love any excuse to eat together and chat nonsense [who doesn't]. The difference is on this special occasion there are pops of red everywhere. // love ice cubes [raspberry & pomegranate juice - inspired by Tasha Green], heart-shaped strawberries for dessert, heart-sparkly sequins, heart pockets & buttons on my skirt and a heart-menu made with luh. It's all about the little touches really. All in all, it was a delicious little meal and lots of happy bubbles were consumed. To top it all off, this morning I found a beautiful box of chocolates from my housemate with the cutest thank-you card. Yippeeeee!

what I attempted to cook.
five spice duck salad [ Jamie Oliver ]
eton mess [ Nigella Lawson ]

palentine's outfit.
care bear t-shirt +UNIQLO UK ]
heart skirt +Topshop ]
necklace +Accessorize ]

hope you all had a lovely weekend celebrating and hearts were going pop pop pop errwurr.


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