22 February 2015

oh sew on

G E T T I N G C R E A T I V E || with 'Sew Over It'

A couple of weekends ago, I found myself in unfamiliar territory. There I was stood in the land of structured creativity over at the Angel branch of Sew Over It about to learn how to SEW. On a Friday evening no less - super rock and roll! I saw the class on Time Out on offer and thought it would be the perfect Christmas gift for the budding-creative-sewing-star that is miss +Diane.

18 February 2015

heart to heart

N A I L E X P E R I M E N T S || a Palentine's special.

A weekend of celebrating all things lurrrve and heart-related resulted in these spangly heart-to-heart nails. Really easy to create and leaves you feeling all gooey-ooey-ooey. I'll stop now. Enjoy.

Please note: this post was definitely sponsored by cupid.

15 February 2015

palentine's weekend

E V E N T || Palentine's 2015

Unless you've been living under a rock [jealous], you will have undoubtedly either been showered in love bubbles or running away from them this weekend. Let's be honest, Valentine's Day is a bit of a weird concept - why just have one day over-filled with love bubbles when you could spread those bubbles across the year. Beats me. For my pals and I, at least it means another [not-required] excuse to throw a dinner party except this time cupid will throw up all over the place [classy cupid, just classy].

8 February 2015

hello kimono

M Y S T Y L E ||

I haven't added anything new and fun to my wardrobe in some time, so it's been a while since I've done a proper outfit post. Luckily, January sales meant I did decide to splash out a whole twenty squids on one statement piece - this amazing kimono-esque jacket from +River Island.

1 February 2015

that market life

T R A V E L || Madagascar

Last October, I had the pleasure of getting myself over to Madagascar again. As much as I love London, it's always a welcome break. The hustle and bustle remains but it feels different, a little more [as the Malagasy say] mora mora, which means taking life slow. As someone who can sometimes be impatient, this isn't always ideal but what it does allow me to do is absorb and understand my surroundings a lot better.

Wherever I travel, I tend to have two missions: try the local food and discover something new.