1 January 2015


H A P P Y N E W Y E A R lovely people.

The arrival of a new year means time to get reflective. 2014 started off and ended strong, but there were some very real bumps along the way. I obviously don't know what the year ahead holds, but I do know that I will be facing it head on with a smile, a giggle or two and arms open wide for the adventures that lay ahead. This last year has been testing, but I know that if life was always still we'd never really appreciate or more importantly learn to enjoy it.

Emotional interlude over. I wish you all a wonderful 2015 filled with more adventures, achievements, good health, strong friendships and happy bubbles all up in this place.

2014 highlight : soaking in the calm and beauty of the Pangalan Canal in Madagascar, on holiday with la famille this year [this is was my first shot, no filters needed here people]. This canal is filled with caimans but you wouldn't know at 6am when it's still as ever. I guess they were having a little snooze.

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