24 December 2014

the christmas monster

D I S H Y #13 ||

Over the last few years, I have noticed a big boom in two things: novelty Christmas jumpers and Christmas dinner being incorporated into anything and everything. For the latter, first there were sandwiches. Then I discovered Christmas dinner pizzas. This year, the new thing seems to be Christmas themed burgers. At brunch last week, Adrian and I decided to face-front-on the monster burger that was the Three Kings. A majestic creation by the folks at the Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch. This burger of the month was made up of: buttermilk fried turkey, sausage apricot stuffing patty, cranberry sauce, gravy-soaked cornbread, brussel sprouts and sweetcure bacon. Couldn't have been more epic-ly design if it tried.

The Blues Kitchen itself is full of character - I much preferred this venue to it's sister in Camden. It's a big open room with a lot going on without being overwhelming. Lots of colour, textures, styles pulled together into a subtle and warm collage. The inventiveness even stretched to the ceiling which the waitress said was made from the old toilet floor tiles (cleaned of course). I also loved how the bar was made the centre piece of the room, the lighting making it look almost evangelistic and surrounded by cosy booths, a live music stage (for when it really gets down) and a caravan for parties at the back. The alcoves of famous musicians was a lovely touch too.

Even after such a mammoth meal, I still had room for a little something sweet. Most of the desserts looked like more mountains to climb so I asked for a bespoke salted caramel ice cream (two scoops) with some peacans - and the guys made it for me! Perfect end to a Christmassy themed catch up.

Oh, and I decided to run around Shoreditch with elf antlers afterwards. Anything for that Christmassy feeling!

Photo below by the lovely Alexander Fabulous aka +Adrian Burton.

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