10 September 2014

coco curry

D I S H Y #12 ||

It's been fun getting back to [amateur] home cooking, I've missed it. Here's my most recent 'creation'. It's an easy-peasy recipe [a good cheat curry for midweek] so have added a how-to in case you guys want to have a go at it too. It was super yummy and made my belly very happy. Now to find something new to try… Any suggestions?

Hope you're all having a good week.

Step-by-Step || a 30 to 40 minute creation

1. dice x1 brown onion, x5 garlic cloves, x1 green chilli pepper
2. add to a pan with a teaspoon of olive oil and cook until onions are soft
3. add in the chicken thighs and brown in the spices
4. add 3 spoons of curry paste [I used this cheat-rendang paste]

5. add in your bright bright greens [I added peas, baby leeks and spinach]
6. stir and leave to steam for 5 minutes until spinach has wilted slightly

7. add a can of coconut milk [yum yum] - stir away to your heart's content and simmer for 10 mins

Taste towards the end and add more seasoning (curry paste, pepper, chilli, whatever) if needed.

And voila!

Let me know if you try it out and how it went.


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