23 June 2014

the essex way

T R A V E L || Coggeshall, Essex

Let's take a walk into the country. Only an hour away from London's Liverpool Street is the cute town of Coggeshall filled with many a country walks and beautiful national heritage sites. I decided to head up to visit some family friends over the weekend. As much as I love London and city life [and I really do], I am also a green girl at heart. Walking, exploring and being in amongst the green-on-green makes me happy. Pollen barriers at the ready… read on to see what we got up to along the Essex Way.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too.

the essex way ||

I have never watched TOWIE which means that that hasn't either encouraged or discouraged me from going to explore the good old county of Essex. I would have never heard of any of these places hadn't it been for my knowledgable locals either. From stepping off of the train, you are in amongst beautiful fields, cute country cottages framed by roses and fun winding country roads. What's not to love?

The town of Coggeshall is not only home to lovely public paths-slash-walks, but also some beautiful national heritage sites. We decided to go on a late afternoon walk to look around The Abbey, one of the finest medieval buildings in the country. The Abbey itself is amazing and is surrounded by some of the most characterful outbuildings [barns and stables] and sister buildings like the gorgeous Mill [first picture below]. Across the way, you can also find the very handsome and dominant Grange Barn, one of Europe's oldest timber-framed buildings. It's quite something and I would highly recommend going to see it if you are ever in this part of England.

As well as the beautiful buildings, our walk also had us bump into a few animal friends. There were lots of happy horses hanging out in the fields and majestic swans being extremely pensive by the river. It was quite postcard picturesque and made for a very relaxing chilled outing.

The only thing I wish is that pollen was kinder to my eyes and nose. Otherwise I would spend every weekend in the country! Either way, it's a great way to just escape the rush-rush-rush of the big smoke and take time out to refresh.

Onto another busy week… hope you've all managed to have a relaxing weekend and have a good week ahead!


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